PuroClean is a Preferred Provider for Commercial Management Companies Nationwide

PuroClean is the property emergency company of choice for commercial management professionals, property managers, real estate agents, hospitality, manufacturing, retail and Luxury Commercial Management that need a 24/7 full-service, property emergency service company to take care of their customers in emergencies.

  • PuroClean offers a North American network of over 280 offices backed by our quality assurance and training organization. We provide a personalized approach to property damage emergencies that will save you time AND money.
  • PuroClean’s Paramedics of Property Damage™ are highly trained experts in emergency property restoration and provide excellent service with respect and reverence for home and business owners in the midst of trying emotional situations.
  • PuroClean technicians come to the rescue with just one call, and with compassion, doing whatever it takes to satisfy your customer and bring the property back to pre-loss condition. You can feel confident in knowing that PuroClean is there for you as your trusted partner.

Relentless Customer Service

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Do you have an emergency plan?

You never know when a property emergency will happen, but with PuroClean’s Emergency Management Process or EMP, you can be ready when it’s presented to you.

An Emergency Management Process Will…

  • Help you create a detailed emergency preparation plan for you and your employees when there are unexpected damages to any of your properties.
  • Reduce liability risks. We identify potential hazards that could lead to future damage and address them or notify you as appropriate.
  • Get you back in business sooner. Having a plan and documentation in place saves time.
  • Improves tenant/property owner satisfaction. At the end of every job, we conduct third-party customer evaluation to ensure the highest level of satisfaction.

Be ready when it counts. This comprehensive plan will provide you with a detailed portfolio including:

  • An Emergency Action Checklist
  • You become a “preferred response” partner
  • Advanced Warning and Emergency Contact Sheet
  • Your personalized portfolio is built including pictures and many other details Power, Water, Gas and other utilities Shut-Off Locations
  • Primary Contact Information including insurance policies, important numbers
  • Pre-approved work authorization and NTE amounts so work doesn’t have to wait and less damage is assumed
  • Local contacts for Fire Department, Insurance Agents, Nearest Hospitals, Security & Power Companies and more.

We build lasting relationships with our clients and provide a one-year guarantee on our workmanship and materials.

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Certified Priority Response

PuroClean’s Certified Priority Response (CPR) Program is designed to help you reduce claim costs and increase satisfaction by employing strict certification standards, clear protocols, and mutually agreed-upon scope pre-approvals.

Our goal is to provide 24/7 easy access, then respond quickly, efficiently, and cost-effectively, every time!

CPR Badge

The CPR Process

  • You can assign a loss electronically or through our National Call Center at 800-775-7876.
  • Every CPR-certified PuroClean office will make contact within 60 minutes or less of assignment notification.
  • A CPR-certified PuroClean Representative will perform an on-site inspection within four hours of assignment notification.
  • A CPR-certified PuroClean Representative will provide an updated status report within 24 hours of site inspection. All reports, readings and real-time data will be obtained through our PuroMetrix™ claims management system.
  • A CPR-certified PuroClean office will transmit a complete package of supporting documentation within 48 hours of job completion.

Priority Response

PuroClean utilizes the full technology suite provided by Next Gear Solutions, which includes job management with PuroLogic; real-time homeowner communication with ProAssist; CRM and growth technology with LuxorCRM, and water mitigation documentation and compliance with MICA; and data analytics with BI Reporting. Adopting the Next Gear technology package creates a cohesive and efficient approach to PuroClean’s job management.

The first notice of loss comes into our National Call Center at (770) 720-2320, is then entered into PuroLogic Admin, and assigned to the closest CPR-certified PuroClean office. The certified PuroClean office then uses PuroLogic desktop and mobile to manage the job throughout its entire lifecycle from first contact with the customer through receipt of final payment. PuroLogic Mobile makes it easy to review upcoming tasks, track equipment, upload photos, and speak notes directly into the job file.

Partner with Experts in Restoration Services

At PuroClean, we take pride in making our partners look good. Our technicians are highly trained and certified, they use state-of-the-art equipment and techniques to effectively remediate property damage. Our many years of experience working with industry leaders like you, help us understand your needs and allow us to provide timely and detailed documentation so you can complete your files seamlessly.

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to speak to a business development specialist
or email us at [email protected]

PuroClean’s training center, the PuroClean Academy, is one of the most state-of-the-art facilities in the country for our industry. Here, PuroClean franchise owners and their employees have the opportunity to earn certifications from the Institute of Inspection, Cleaning and Restoration Certification (IICRC), the restoration industry’s top standard-writing agency. PuroClean also provides a unique opportunity for insurance companies to train in our facility to ensure their employees and others in the industry receive relevant and up to date hands-on training to better assist their customers.

The PuroClean Academy includes an IICRC-approved Applied Structural Drying (ASD) facility we affectionately call our “Flood House”. It is the focal point of real-life practical instruction. One of only 24 in the world, this is the premier ASD facility in the nation and assists us in providing the highest level of training for our franchise owners.