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Canton and the surrounding areas, including Willow Run and Detroit Metro Airports, are seeing rapid growth. However, businesses and homes in these communities are at risk of property damage, especially due to water and mold. Water from many rivers and creeks in this area seek the easiest way to Lakes Huron and Erie. Many times this includes basements and other structures in low-lying areas. 

Personally, Daron and Julie have experienced a burst water line that,  “all but destroyed a house we had moved out of and were selling.” After a neighbor notified them of the sound of trickling water, he investigated and was appalled at what he found. He was “met with a horrible odor and humidity levels that rivaled a rainforest.” The hardwood floors had buckled and 3 feet of standing water was found in the basement. Worse still, the entire ceiling and floor joists were covered in mold. Combining this experience and his time in customer-facing roles, Daron understands that it’s important “to be able to talk to people…in a way that makes them feel you are on their side and truly are there to help.” You can rest assured that PuroClean of Canton will be there to help you when your home or business is suffers from water damage, mold damage and fire or smoke damage.

We are ready to serve when you contact us at (734) 238-3200 or [email protected]. We will work with integrity and empathy and clearly communicate the process of restoring your property to pre-loss condition.

PuroClean of Canton is a family-owned business, proud to serve Canton, Westland, Wayne, Garden City, Belleville, Van Buren, Plymouth and Sumpter Township and all surrounding communities.

Our Team

Daron Underwood


Prior to owning PuroClean of Canton, Daron served in the U.S. Army Reserves as Active Duty Airman. After leaving the Air Force, Daron received his degree in Electronic Engineering Technology. He worked his way up through management and served as Vice President of Research & Development and Chief Technology Officer. Daron will come to your property to provide a quote and perform the restoration work along with marketing and reaching out to insurance agents, property managers, and landlords.


We have been honored to receive the following awards and certifications:

IIRC Certified

IICRC Certified

EPA Lead-Safe Certified

EPA Lead-Safe Certified

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