PuroClean Water and Fire Damage Restoration at Chicago and Northbrook Fitness Centers

Owning a business can be a source of pride. However, when fire or water damage occurs, the unexpected turn of events can throw everything in the air. Incidents involving fire and water can lead to disruptions and cause a financial toll. Water and fire damage restoration is necessary to ensure no setbacks derail your business.

Recently, two popular fitness centers in the Chicago area suffered major fire and water losses in one week. Learn how PuroClean helped get their businesses back on track.

PuroClean’s Restoration Team to the Rescue

We received the first call from Orange Theory Fitness Center in Anderson, IL, on Saturday, April 23. A mechanic shop in an adjoining unit had caught fire that evening, causing smoke damage to the fitness center. The cause of the fire is still unknown.

Our PuroClean technicians commenced fire damage restoration the following day. We cleaned and restored the location to its pre-loss condition. We thoroughly removed smoke and soot damage from the ceiling, flooring, and walls. After six days of extensive cleaning, fitness classes resumed.

The Second Call

A week later, the Orange Theory Fitness Center in Evanston, IL, contacted us regarding water damage on Saturday, April 30. That afternoon, a sewage backup was detected in a bathroom.

We immediately assessed the water loss when we arrived at the location. After we determined the exact source of the water damage, we began our work. Our efficient PuroClean technicians cleaned and disinfected the affected areas. The water damage restoration was completed overnight to ensure that the business could open the next day.

It was quite a coincidence that two Orange Theory Fitness Centers were burdened by fire and water damage in one week! This work was a collaborative effort among our technicians and sales team. The restorations would not have been completed without the help of Kevin Smith, our new sales representative, and Steven Martinez, a veteran sales representative who helped Kevin navigate the situation. Thanks to our amazing PuroClean crew, both locations were highly satisfied with our work.

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Last edited on 12th of May 2022