PuroClean’s Water Remediation Experts Get the Blackhawks and Community Back on Ice After Water Damage Mishap

In The Community

We don’t always get calls from Andrea Hahn, the General Manager of the Chicago Blackhawks Community Ice Arena, at 11 pm on a Saturday, but when we did receive that call, we knew something serious had occurred. Several burst pipes in the facility created an emergency situation at the Blackhawks’ practice arena, and we were needed to help get the situation under control.

PuroClean’s Power Play Leads to Big Score for Community Arena

The call about the burst pipes at the Fifth Third Arena came in at 11 pm on December 18, 2021. The Fifth Third Arena is the official Chicago Blackhawks practice arena, and it is also, according to their website, a “community space for public ice skating, beginner and rat hockey, and adult leagues.” 

The GM of Fifth Third Arena had called another restoration company before contacting PuroClean, but they weren’t able to respond fast enough. We were more than willing to pick up the slack for our home team to get them out of the (property disaster) penalty box. 

Stevie Martinez, our VP of Business Development, gathered the crew and made it to the building in about an hour. We arrived to find a total of eight pipe breaks that caused damage to several rooms, including the locker room, hallway, kitchen, offices, storage, and equipment repair room. They needed a power play, and they needed it fast. 

After we thoroughly assessed the situation, we promptly began extracting water. With all of the standing water removed, we then set up the drying equipment, including dehumidifiers and blowers. We also immediately removed baseboards and created temporary holes in the drywall so air could flow through easily and help speed up the drying process.

It was a big job, and we wanted to get it done as efficiently and effectively as possible to minimize disruption to the practice schedule and get the community back on the ice as well. Stevie Martinez and our highly-qualified technicians were assisted by Mitch, a project manager, and Ray, a restoration technician. PuroClean multi-unit owners Keegan Trudgen and Tim Lohse also made it out to help however they could. In an effort to save time on commuting, Mitch even slept in the PuroClean truck on the dock so the work could be finished quicker. That’s true dedication! 

By the next day, backup generators arrived and were set up, along with desiccant dehumidifiers, to dry all the affected areas. Desiccant dehumidifiers work by removing the moisture from the air, while also reducing humidity levels. 

It took a total of six days for everything to completely dry. In a water damage situation, it’s vital to remove all wet spots and moisture. If not, it leaves the building susceptible to more problems, especially mold growth. With everything thoroughly dry, we came back to sanitize and clean the carpets. We also had to complete a few other minor repairs caused by the burst pipes. 

On December 28, just 10 days after we were contacted, we wrapped up our work. Although we weren’t the first contact for this job, we were proud of the quality of our work and the speed of our response. Everyone at the arena was extremely satisfied, and they left a fantastic review of our work: “[PuroClean was] outstanding from start to finish. Can’t say enough how much they helped to minimize the damage. Excellent service!” 

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Last edited on 2nd of May 2022