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Water Restoration, Biohazard Clean Up Published February 5, 2020Last Updated February 6, 2020

Water Damage Restoration in Chicago Due to Toilet Overflow in a Condo Building

Recently, we provided water damage repair in Chicago, IL after a major hazardous water incident in a condominium in the West Loop neighborhood. The water originated from a toilet overflow, which means that it was grossly unsanitary (Category 3) and posed a health hazard for all those involved. Category 3 water or “blackwater” contains pathogens and other harmful agents and materials.

There were several clients involved, including the property manager, condo owners and renters who lived in the affected units. Obviously, this incident was a big problem for everyone.

In any case, here’s how we dealt with this widespread and hazardous water damage repair job.

Providing water damage repair in Chicago after a toilet overflow

The damage was on such a large scale because the water source was on the fifth floor of the building. In total, the flooding affected 5 units on 5 different levels! With any type of flooding, there is usually much more water involved than one might think.

Furthermore, the loss was an even bigger challenge because the property manager was out of town at the time of the overflow. We had to successfully manage the expectations of each resident. We worked with each of them individually and explained the restoration process to ease their concerns.

Our restoration technicians quickly cleaned up the damaged materials and placed drying equipment to dry the structure. As a result, this helped prevent further damage and returned the property back to a safe condition.

The clients were happy with the result

Once we finished the job, we asked the clients what they thought. And the feedback was great! First of all, the condominium association expressed in writing that they were satisfied with our rapid response time and relentless customer service! They were very satisfied with the outcome after the work was completed.

Moreover, several residents even went out of their way to personally thank our team and let our technicians know that they did an excellent job.

For water damage repair in Chicago, call PuroClean today!

Any type of water damage can be devastating, but a toilet overflow is one of the worst types of flooding. If it happens to you, PuroClean will be there to save the day! We stand ready to provide water damage repair services in Chicago and nearby areas. So, contact us right now for professional flood cleanup repairs.