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Elaine Martinez

Tomball, Texas

PuroClean is a company I will always recommend to for my customers , friends and family ! They are quick from the moment you first initially contact them to having them come give you a one to one detailed quote for any hard situation you may ever have to face. They are honest, sincere and top of the line customer service. Not only did I use them for my personal use , but I work for Allstate and highly recommend them to all our customers. Mrs.Linda and Shaunley are very informative in every service they offer. They always make sure that you are important to them and respond in a good timely matter no matter the time of day. I also love how personal and friendly they are , making the situation as easy and quick to deal with. I will always have them saved in my contacts and will speak highly of them. ESPECIALLY because I got to use them first hand in my home!!

Rick, Conroe

Great job, got over here quick and even finished on the weekend.

Taneshia, Conroe

PuroClean is top notch. The level of service they provided to our family was nothing short of spectacular. Linda and her team went above the call of duty to ensure we had the right information and our family was safe in a mold remediation situation. She even came back the next day to investigate a concern we had from Hurricane Harvey. They provided honest feedback and, even though they found nothing for us to be concerned about (regarding the post- Harvey issue), they provided us with peace of mind and information for preventative measures for directly and indirectly related matters. I highly recommend PuroClean and trust they will take care of you as they did my family. - Taneshia, Conroe

Carolyn, Spring

PuroClean is a great company and (I) would use them again. - Carolyn, Spring

Michelle, Spring

My goodness! What a fantastic job done by PuroClean services, Linda Sharp and her team was amazing to work with, I hope you never have to experience what we did, no one wants the aftermath of a hot water heater bursting and the water and mold damage that ensues as a result. But, if you are that unfortunate individual, then you will want the professional and very knowledgeable expertise of Linda Sharp and the service she provides! Honest and dependable, I appreciated her response time and the very thorough job that was done, you can trust her at her word that she will do exactly what she says she will do; from demolition to drying, to clean up, to putting the pictures back on my wall! We didn't have to lift a finger... she and her team took the stress out of that nightmare for us!!! Thank you, PuroClean! - Michelle, Spring