What is that odor? Smells in a home can not only be difficult to deal with, but there is a possibility that they can start health-related cases for any person in the vicinity. It is just another detriment to any type of property issues, which is why property owners need to switch things up. If there is a biohazard present, it can create additional strain until completely removed. Instead of guessing whether or not the smell is causing the problem, PuroClean can help in making it go away and restore the property after being compromised.

Odors can come from:

  • Pets and Pet smells
  • Other animals
  • Feces
  • Blood
  • Urine and pee
  • Fuel Leaks
  • Tear gas
  • Sewage smells
  • Drug labs
  • Hoarding related smells
  • Body Decomposition
  • Cigarette Smoke

How PuroClean removes odors

Our team at PuroClean can assist with hazardous and non-hazardous odors without creating too much of a hindrance. We have the ability to turn everything around in no time thanks to having a set number of pros with years of knowledge in the industry. Our main focus is on keeping prices down for consumers, and the best way to do that is to start with the odor identification process before constructing a plan together. In the end, there is always a focus on getting everything looking like it did before the incident.

A look at how cleanup and deodorization happens at PuroClean

1. Treating harmed areas by removing the source: Our professionals can swiftly identify where a smell originates and how to remove it effectively. We are always following local, state and national regulations when getting rid of any product.

2. Cleaning areas that are affected: Each surface and area affected needs its own unique plan to remain as clean as efficiently as possible. We have a PuroClean Rapid Defense Program that all of our technicians love to use. After running through that program, it is also possible to remove smells by going with thermal fogging as well as ozone shock treatment.

3. Securing the Affected Area(s): Once treated, our pros isolate the affected areas to ensure any remaining offensive particles will be trapped forever and no longer have the ability to unduly affect you, your loved ones, your friends, or your pets.

4. High-end reconstruction for harmed areas after the fact: Odors can occasionally be difficult to handle and eliminate, which prompts us to remove barriers to get access. If that is the case, we are always capable of reconstructing what is needed.

Smell Removal and Deodorization Services Offered 24 Hours a Day, 7 Days a week

We know that it is completely random when a smell might occur. Whether it is creating problems at home or work, we are open 24 hours a day, every day of the week to meet any needs.

The goal for us is providing top-notch compassion with our help, faster problem-solving than the competition, and the skill to pay attention to every customer to get things right. We are willing to put in as much work as necessary to see the results everyone enjoys.

Need immediate assistance? Call (817) 302-2090 now to get assistance whenever it is needed.

"We had a water leak a couple of weeks ago, and PuroClean of Keller saved the day. Ryan set us up with air movers and dehumidifiers, and dried everything up very quickly. Without Ryan, we surely would [...]

Keller, TX

"I have been very impressed with the owner of Puro Clean, Ryan Rainey. I highly recommend using them for any emergency clean up needs."

Keller, TX


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