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Dishwasher Fire Safety Guidelines

Dishwasher fires are not the most common appliance-related fires.

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What Are the Most Dangerous Household Chemicals?

Although we use them every day, many cleaners and chemicals we keep in our homes can be very dangerous if splashed on the skin, inhaled or ingested.

Tips to Protect Important Documents from Disasters

During a disaster, you may have only a few minutes to escape and taking valuable possessions with you might not be possible.

The Top Causes of Basement Flooding

Basement flooding is a widespread problem that can occur both during dry and wet weather.

Tips to Salvage Your Furniture After a Flood

Whether our furniture can be saved after a flood depends on the type of furniture you have and the magnitude of flooding.

Stove Top and Oven Fire Safety Tips

Most home fires start in the kitchen; more specifically, the stove top and oven.

What Should I Do After a Fire Accident?

In the aftermath of a home fire, it’s very important to know what to do and what to avoid doing.

How to Stay Safe During a Wildfire

According to the NFPA, in the United States there are nearly 45 million homes located near woodland settings.

How to Make an Emergency Kit

An emergency kit is a collection of basic supplies you and your family may need in the event of a disaster.

How Do You Remove Cigarette Smoke Smell from a House?

Cigarette smoke residue is a yellowish-brown, gluey substance that sticks to every surface in a home, making it difficult and time-consuming to remove.

Smoke Alarms for People with Hearing Impairments

Smoke alarms save lives.

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