The cooking fire affected the kitchen cabinetry.

PuroClean Assisted in Fire Damage Restoration Caused by a Cooking Fire in Arlington, TX

Fire Restoration

Fires are one of the most common catastrophes that can take place in your home or business. Fires can occur for many reasons, ranging from a lit candle that wasn’t appropriately extinguished to holiday decorations catching fire. The cause of the fire can affect the extent of the damage.

Regardless of the fire’s severity, it is imperative to contact a professional restoration company to help you with the aftermath. Here at PuroClean of Fort Worth, we provide fire damage restoration services to home or business owners in need.

A Charred Kitchen

Our PuroClean team recently assisted a homeowner with fire damage restoration. Upon inspection, our certified technicians found that the house fire was due to a cooking mishap on the kitchen stove.

The intensity of the fire caused significant damage to the kitchen cabinets, countertops, and appliances.

The need for fire damage restoration was due to a cooking fire.

PuroClean of Fort Worth worked with a structure adjustor and contents adjuster to assess the level of damage that the home sustained. We removed additional items that were considered fire damaged.

As part of our procedure, we created a salvageable and non-salvageable list. We are a preferred vendor for multiple insurance companies, so we are entrusted with determining what items can and cannot be saved. These lists often consider the costs of an item and the expenses required to clean and remediate the items.

Due to the backup of general contractors in the area, the kitchen remodeling is currently ongoing.

For Professional Fire Damage Restoration Services, Contact PuroClean of Fort Worth

Fire damage is one of the most challenging issues your home or business can face. You must take action when addressing fire damage and contact a restoration company immediately. PuroClean of Fort Worth, TX, offers professional fire damage restoration service done by our high-skilled technicians. Visit our website or contact us at (817) 344-7202.

Last edited on 28th of April 2022
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