A rat-infested barn calls for biohazard cleanup.

Rodent Invasion: A Biohazard Cleanup of Family Barn in White Settlement

Biohazard Clean Up

When you think of property damage, you most likely think of flooding or a kitchen fire that got out of control. You might even think of mold. But there’s also the type of damage that few realize can create a major disaster: biohazard waste. Biohazard is commonly defined as any biological substance or infectious agent threatening human health or the environment. It can include many materials, such as bacteria, viruses, toxins, fungi, and other microorganisms.

If you encounter toxic waste, PuroClean Property Restoration can help. Our certified technicians have the training and expertise to ensure the cleanup is done safely and respectfully.

The Biohazard Barn

Recently, our office received a call requesting our services for an unusual problem. To their horror, a family in White Settlement discovered a massive rat infestation in their barn. Upon receiving the call from the distressed homeowner, we dispatched our highly skilled and experienced team to assess and mitigate the biohazard situation.

When we arrived, our technicians put on personal protective equipment (PPE) such as gloves, masks, and suits to ensure our safety and minimize our exposure to dangerous pathogens. Understanding the potential health risks associated with rat infestations, we adhered to strict safety protocols. We surveyed the barn and created a plan of action to perform the biohazard cleanup safely.

Our team used industry-leading disinfecting agents and advanced cleaning methods to thoroughly sanitize the affected areas, ensuring all traces of contaminants left behind by the rodents were gone.

Then, our skilled technicians deployed HEPA-filtered air scrubbers and specialized vacuums to efficiently remove debris, dust, and airborne particles, restoring the barn to a safe and healthy environment.

After completing our work, we conducted a thorough inspection to guarantee that the rat infestation was no longer present. The barn was remediated safely, much to everyone’s relief.

Thanks to our crew’s attention to detail, experience, and immediate response time, the family was delighted with the restored condition of the barn. We loved seeing another satisfied client! Congratulations, team!

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Last edited on 25th of May 2023
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