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Fire Restoration Published April 28, 2015Last Updated July 2, 2018

How to Remove Smoke Odors: After a Home Fire

The process of removing smoke odor after a fire in a home is a difficult task. In order to achieve complete smoke odor removal, the remediation process must include advanced equipment and techniques that only a professional disaster restoration company can provide.

Smoke is the result of incomplete combustion and is made of persistent particles (soot), oils and gases. The pungent smoke odor comes from volatile molecules that are released when materials are burnt.

Smoke odor can result from burning protein (meat), natural materials (wood, cotton, etc.), synthetic materials (e.g. plastic, nylon) and more. With so many different substances that can burn, the restoration process requires specialized knowledge and complex procedures.

The first step in removing smoke odor is to discard any burnt items in the home, such as furniture, carpet or drywall. The salvageable items will be thoroughly cleaned with appropriate cleaning products.

The next step involves cleaning the air ducts, as they carry soot and smoke molecules released during the fire. The HVAC system needs to be cleaned before the air purification process, so as to avoid the recontamination of the areas that have already been cleaned.

In the final stage, the lingering airborne odor is removed utilizing a variety of specialized techniques that are tailored to the needs of individual customers:

  • Ozone Generation – oxygen is released into the air, oxidizing odor molecules and converting them into substances without an offensive odor.
  • Air Scrubbing – a HEPA Air Scrubber is employed to remove 99.97% of microscopic particles from the air, purifying it.
  • Thermal Fogging – the affected area is filled with a mist-like deodorizer via a thermal fogging unit, counteracting odorous molecules.
  • Vapor Modification – a fragrance modification technique whereby a non-toxic, aromatic compound is dispensed into the air.

Although complete smoke removal can be hard to obtain, a professional company, such as PuroClean, has the necessary training, equipment and experience to understand and remediate the disaster situation. For professional smoke odor, as well as fire, water, mold and biohazard remediation services, call your local PuroClean office. Our specialists are available 24/7.