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When disaster strikes your Phoenix-area business or home, it can be difficult to know what to do next. You can contact PuroClean of Arrowhead Ranch at (480) 687-6363 or jhirvonen@puroclean.com any time of day or night, and we’ll guide you through the entire process of disaster recovery and reconstruction with compassion.

Flooded bathroom in need of water damage restoration

Water Damage Restoration

We use a range of modern, high-quality equipment that works together to create the most effective drying conditions to prevent mold growth.

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Fire and Smoke Damage Restoration

Fires can leave soot and residue on your carpets, drapes, upholstery and may also cause damage that may affect the structural integrity of your property. We’ll quickly assess whether your property is structurally sound and reinforce it if necessary. Then we’ll remove odors and residue from all affected surfaces of your property.

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Mold Removal

Don’t wait to call us if you have a mold problem; left unchecked, mold can cause serious health problems and ruin your property. Our professionally certified technicians will isolate, cleanse and sanitize affected structures and the surrounding air with the latest HEPA air filtration and vacuuming technology.

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As specialists in remediation, first we salvage everything that can be saved, then our construction specialists make all the necessary post-mitigation repairs.

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How can you inspect for water damage behind walls?

Check the surface of the wall for water stains, peeling paint, or warping. Push on the wall lightly – if it’s soft and spongy, that’s an indication of moisture damage. [...]

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Do I need to hire a mold remediation/removal expert to remove mold, or can I do it myself?

Mold is very tricky—and when attempting to remove it yourself, you can disrupt it and make it worse. A professional mold remediation company is able to remove it correctly, adhering [...]

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Do you clean water damaged furniture?

It depends on the material and how long it was wet. We can asses this for you during a visit. [...]

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Does homeowner's insurance cover water damage?

Homeowner’s insurance provides coverage for damage that is sudden and accidental (such as water heater ruptures or pipe bursts). However, flood damage, no matter the source of the water, is [...]

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How do you prepare for claims adjuster water-damage home visit?

Contact your insurance agent and/or adjuster and they will tell you everything you need to have ready to ensure the claims process is smooth. [...]

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