PuroClean Performs Sewage Cleanup in a Jersey City Loft

Biohazard Clean Up

At the end of 2021, we participated in several water and mold mitigation jobs. Over the period, we had made significant progress on new jobs, but we also had some projects-in-progress come to their conclusions. We are very proud of our team for finishing the year strong!

Cleaning up Blackwater Backup

One of the jobs we worked on in Jersey City involved sewage and blackwater backflow, which is a significant scope of work. Blackwater is a term used to describe sewage from toilets and bathrooms, including feces and urine. Since this substance contains waste products, the cleanup is classified as a biohazard remediation. This means our trained technicians must wear special personal protective equipment that follows industry and OSHA (Occupational Safety and Health Administration) standards to keep themselves safe.

First, our staff dried out a lot of the blackwater from the garbage room, lobby, and part of the garage. Then, the team carefully removed all potentially infectious materials from the site. After, our team sanitized and deodorized the affected areas to ensure no hazardous residue remained.

The initial sewage backup occurred soon after the holidays, and within 2 weeks, we completed the thorough cleaning of the loft. Our technicians proved their reliability and have earned us positive feedback from the satisfied client because of their trustworthiness. The client said they “highly recommend PuroClean” after this experience!

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Last edited on 12th of January 2022

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