PuroClean of Hoboken Steps Up in the Aftermath of Hurricanes Henri and Ida

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August was not the easiest month for us in the northeast. In the span of roughly 10 days, Hurricane Henri and later the remnants of Hurricane Ida brought intense flooding to the area. In the days and weeks that followed, we have been going non-stop, throughout parts of New Jersey and New York, restoring properties that have been affected by the torrential downpours.

Hurricane Recovery in the Northeast

We’ve received calls from Jersey City, Hoboken, North Bergen, Secaucus, Little Ferry, Tenafly, Rochelle Park, New York, Bridgewater, Kearny, Bayonne, Wycoff, and more. Many of the jobs are still in progress, but a lot of the smaller jobs have been completed. Typically, there was only minor damage in these instances, where the water just needed to be removed, and then the property was cleaned out to prevent mold. Depending on where and what happened, these jobs usually last between 3-5 days. We want to make sure we are well-organized before accepting additional jobs.

When Hurricane Ida hit, we had to pause some jobs already in progress because we did not have enough equipment to handle the incoming emergency calls. Thankfully, PuroClean headquarters came to the rescue by sending us two trailers full of equipment. These reinforcements enabled us to help more people and take on even larger jobs.

With our new legion of equipment, we performed restorations for an area Ikea and a Macy’s department store. These jobs were much larger than the typical home restorations we are usually called into after storms like these. The larger spaces mean that these will be among some of our longer restoration jobs, but they’ll get the same care and attention our typical clients get.

One common occurrence we saw in several of the jobs after these storms included parents who were calling on behalf of their adult children in an effort to help get their apartment clear of water or water damage. We also had to help one older man who was bedridden and needed help to clear out the standing water so he could move his bed in.

We got some additional help from the team over at PuroClean of Akron and the customer satisfaction was great. All single one of the crew is hardworking. Each of them excelled through this difficult time. They put in long hours and represented PuroClean of Hoboken very well. We’ve received compliments from some clients saying that everything is going according to schedule and they are excited about the outcome. Our team has been working diligently, and many chose to work through Labor Day to keep helping people. We truly appreciate each and every one of our dedicated staff.

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Last edited on 22nd of September 2021

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