This woman is enjoying her vacation and is away from her home.

Protect Your Home While on Vacation: Tips Before You Go


According to Merriam-Webster, “home” is defined as “one’s place of residence; domicile.” Whether it’s a lavish mansion in the countryside, a modest house in the suburbs, or an apartment in the bustling city, home is where we reside, relax, and enjoy life’s precious moments.

However, our homes encompass much more than just a physical space. They provide comfort and security as the backdrop for cherished memories with loved ones. They safeguard valuable possessions, from electronics to jewelry, and reflect our expressions of art and beauty.

While we love spending quality time in our homes, sometimes a vacation is necessary to escape from the everyday grind and routine. But before you leave for that weekend getaway or weeks-long adventure, make sure to protect your home against threats. From home invasions to basement flooding, here are some tips to keep your home safe in your absence.

These 12 recommendations can help prevent damage to your property and deter home invasions or burglaries:

  • Shut off the water. To avoid a leak while you’re away, shut off the main water valve to prevent a catastrophe and thousands of dollars in damages.
  • Hire a house sitter. Having someone you trust reside in your home is the closest alternative to your presence. They can tend to tasks such as watering plants, collecting newspapers, and maintaining stability.
  • Seek assistance from a neighbor. Simply knowing that there is an extra set of vigilant eyes on your home can provide peace of mind. At the very least, they can notify you of any concerns they observe.
  • Stay updated on the weather. Keep track of the local forecast for your vacation destination and your home area. Monitoring any upcoming storms enables you to make necessary preparations.
  • Secure your pool. If you have a pool in your yard, ensure the cover is securely fastened, and lock the entry gate. This protects your property and safeguards children in the neighborhood.
Securing your pool is one way of protecting your home.
  • Disconnect electronic devices. Unplug your desktop computer, coffee pot, television, and garage door to save money and worry.
  • Suspend mail delivery. Contact your local post office to halt mail delivery to your residence. They can hold your mail for a period ranging from three to thirty days. Simplify the process by completing this request online.
  • Stop newspaper delivery. A collection of newspapers on your porch or in your mailbox is a sure sign you’re not home. If you still receive newspapers, remember to pause delivery during your time away.
  • Set timers for indoor and outdoor lights. Install electric timers for lights to turn on and off at different intervals. Ensure that lights on all levels of your home are included in the timer setup.
  • Maintain your lawn. Grass grows quickly, so an unkempt lawn indicates nobody is home. Hire someone to mow and trim your yard at least once a week when you’re away.
  • Secure all entry points. Before leaving, thoroughly inspect your home to ensure all doors, windows, and garage doors are locked. Denying easy access to the interior is crucial.
  • Consider a security system. If you don’t already have one, contemplate getting a basic security system or install a do-it-yourself product like Ring. Even motion sensor lights around the exterior can discourage potential intruders.

No matter how humble or grand, our homes are our sanctuaries. The time it takes to complete these tasks before your departure is well worth the assurance you’ll have while you’re away. And when you return, you won’t be confronted with a disaster.

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Last edited on 5th of July 2023