Mold and Mold Remediation in Seattle, Washington

The Seattle Public Market on a rainy day showing how mold growth can be higher in Seattle

Mold is a common problem in Washington, particularly Seattle, due to the wet climate and proximity to the sea. Mold thrives in areas with high moisture levels, so the rainy and overall wet climate of Seattle makes Seattle a perfect target for mold growth. Thousands of people each year require mold remediation in Seattle, and thousands more have mold in their homes that they either haven’t noticed or haven’t taken the steps to eradicate. If you are living in the Seattle area, here are some helpful ways that you can avoid a mold problem in your home or office.

Proper Ventilation Prevents Mold

Proper ventilation helps remove extra moisture from the air, ultimately drying out the necessary damp areas that mold needs in order to grow. Keeping fans/ventilation sources in the bathroom and the kitchen, two ares where mold is often found, can help ensure that mold is unable to grow. Ventilation in the attic and crawlspace are two other important areas for ventilation, as these dark and often humid areas are prime for mold growth due to the detached nature of their locations in your home.

If There’s A Leak In Your Home, Fix It!

A leaky faucet might just be a leaky faucet, but it can also be an indicator of other plumbing related issues as well. Where there is water damage, there can also be mold growth! If you notice a leak in your home, the best line of defense against mold damage and having to call a mold remediation expert is to get the leak fixed quickly.

Ensure That Your Home Is Cleaned Regularly

Proper cleaning can help prevent mold in your home. Since mold is a spore, it can spread through the air and become a real nuisance for homes. Pay attention to areas with high moisture, such as your bathroom or kitchen (especially the kitchen sink). Ensure that dishes are done in a punctual fashion and your bathroom is cleaned with proper cleaning products regularly to prevent the spread of mold in your home. Remember, mold can start anywhere, and mitigating the risk of mold growth is much cheaper and easier than mold remediation or mold removal!

Control The Humidity In Your Home

Using a dehumidifier alongside proper ventilation and A/C can be a great tool in the fight against mold growth. Ultimately, in order to prevent mold growth you want to keep areas dry, well ventilated, and properly cleaned. By following these steps, you are reducing the chances of mold growth in your home significantly, even in a high humidity area such as Seattle.

While mold in the home can be a nuisance, especially in an area like Seattle, if you find yourself with mold you should call a professional. Our specialists in mold remediation and mold removal in Seattle are here to help in your time of need! Visit our contact page or visit our mold remediation page to give us a call today if you find yourself struggling with mold in your home or office.

Last edited on 15th of November 2023