The Olalla Bay Market fire occurred in August 2022.

Rising from the Ashes: The Olalla Bay Market Poised to Return After Devastating Fire

Fire Restoration

Business owners may feel helpless in the immediate aftermath of a fire. The initial shock of seeing property and materials succumb to fire is often hard to cope with; there is also figuring out how to manage expenses relating to rebuilding or relocating the business. Insurance can help cover some of these costs, but often it’s not enough to fully recover.

Last year, a business in our community experienced such a situation. On August 16, 2022, the Olalla Bay Market in Olalla, Washington, suffered extensive fire damage, demolishing product stock and causing significant structural damage. When the inferno struck, we knew we wanted to help, so we featured the GoFundMe page created in their name to get them back on track in a blog detailing the devastation.

An Upbeat Update

When the fire broke out in August, Gregg Olsen bought the store from the previous owner and remodeled it. The Olalla Bay Market was two weeks shy of a grand reopening when the flames occurred. Although Gregg had insurance, the policy wouldn’t extend past six months due to the renovations, rendering the insurance invalid.

We worked out a plan to use some of his employees to help clean with us to bring down the price, and we also agreed to a payment plan to help him out.

With a plan established, we secured the structure to prevent further damage.

We first wanted to ensure that the air in the building was safe to decrease the risk of pollutant inhalation. Our professional PuroClean technicians deployed thermal fogging to eliminate foul odor and smoke that lingered in the air.

The fire damage was being cleaned in the Ollala Bay Market.
Thermal fogging is an effective odor control method.

Then, our skilled team removed fire-damaged items that we couldn’t save to reduce contaminants in the store. We used a soda blaster to the beams to clean the market’s beams. A soda blaster is an abrasive blasting process that uses sodium bicarbonate particles to remove paint, grease, and other debris.

Once the beams were stripped of harmful substances, we cleaned the market thoroughly. We scrubbed the surfaces with firm brushes, then rinsed and dried them. We also used specialized shampoos to remove stubborn stains from the market’s hard surfaces. After that, we applied professional-grade sealants to protect against future dirt, grime, and water damage.

The final result.

After three weeks of grueling work and sleeping in an RV to maximize our time, our compassionate crew completed the restoration. The Olalla Bay Market is a beloved treasure in our community, so we were honored that Gregg entrusted us with restoring his property to its pre-loss condition. He was ecstatic with the result and is looking forward to reopening the market to the general public.

Thank you to everyone who participated in the restoration; we couldn’t have done it without your dedication and care!

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Last edited on 8th of February 2023