flood cleanup in Northern Virginia

Cleaning Up a Severely Flooded Home in Northern Virginia

Water Restoration

Back in August, heavy rain caused massive floods in Northern Virginia. Parts of the state were evacuated because the torrential rain was too much of a threat. Many properties suffered water and storm damage. In the aftermath of the floods, restoration companies performed numerous interventions in the area. Our team provided flood cleanup services in the region, as well.

One of the flooded homes we helped was in Arlington, Virginia. The owners, a couple in their mid-50s, both musicians, called us to restore their flooded home on August 15. Both the wife and the husband were extremely distressed by the disaster they endured. We came as soon as possible to inspect the house and create a plan of action.

Providing flood cleanup in Northern Virginia

The situation was severe. Floodwater rose up to two feet on the main level and the basement was completely under water. The flood cleanup job was very challenging because of this. What’s more, the house was even harder to dry since it was built in the 1950s.

In the water damage restoration process, there were time constraints as we couldn’t get to some areas in the basement quickly. The ceiling in the basement had collapsed and the area became filled with contents. Needless to say, many of those contents didn’t survive the flooding.

Yet, with the help of our industrial-strength water extractors, fans, and dehumidifiers, we were able to complete the job in a week. We also created a room temperature of up to 98 degrees to dry the place.

After we finished the difficult job, seeing their home in a normal state brought the couple peace of mind. They said they were very happy to have found us! We wished them the best of luck in the future. Another flooded house was awaiting us.

For flood restoration in Northern Virginia and Washington DC, give us a call!

We know how stressful flooding incidents such as these can be to homeowners. If you’ve suffered flood damage, and don’t know who to call for help, we’re here for you. Our restoration technicians stand ready to come to the rescue of flooded homes in Northern Virginia and Washington DC.

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Last edited on 29th of October 2019