Kathleen Turner

PuroClean is absolutely awesome!!! I called Phil Dhargyal Friday evening and he had a team out, on time, the next day. They started work on Saturday, but had to finish the demo on Sunday. The job was bigger than they thought so, on Sunday, a team of 4 folks came out to finish the demo, pack up stuff, cover belongings and install plastic air shields around doors to prevent air migration. They also installed 10 dryers and dehumidifiers to dry everything out. The team was so fabulous, clean, professional, reassuring and respectful of us and our belongings. Despite tearing our house apart (only to the extent necessary), there was a certain calmness to having them in our home and in control. They came back everyday to measure wetness and maintain logs. Terzin was our main contact. I think you could call him a Project Director and he also may be part owner. He was there every day and was great about explaining everything they were doing and why, including the extensive documentation they send to insurers/owners. PuroClean is definitely an AAA+ company and certainly the company I would call immediately if I have the misfortune to deal with a future water issue in my home. All my gratitude!