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Lobsang Yeshi

I heard those guys r doing excellent service in Virginia & DC area . Keep up the great work guys !

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Richard Chinn

Prompt, thorough, and friendly service. Highly recommended. A+

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Tashi Namgyal

With their incredible experience and expertise in the field, they are the perfect go-to service from A to Z of concerns with your house and property. They love and care your houses more than you do!

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Gilbert G.

PuroClean was timely and professional in cleaning up the water damage in the lower level bathroom of our townhouse due to a frozen pipe burst. Tenzin Jigme was the field manager who arrived promptly (20-30 min.) after the emergency call. He was calm and guided us on shutting off the main valve, providing next steps for a homeowner's insurance claim and organizing a timeline for the cleanup. His team quickly removed the wet furniture and installed large fans to dry out the carpet and bathroom. We were surprised by the smooth and well-organized cleanup process, including drywall repair. Overall, I would recommend PuroClean and working with Tenzin Jigme.

Amac T

Our basement flooded in the epic Arlington Rain Event of 2019, and we were fit to be tied. Luckily, Tenzin and team were helpful, quick, and professional, and guided us get through a really stressful situation. They came quickly and were able to assess the damage, tell us what needed to be done and for how much, and got to work right away. They even moved our damaged furniture for us. They did a great job to make sure our house didn't suffer worse damage from the flooding, and were quick, calm, and friendly throughout. I highly recommend.

Beth M

I can't speak highly enough about Tenzin and his crew from PuroClean of Alexandria. We had a ceiling spontaneously collapse and it sent rolled insulation, blown insulation and ceiling drywall everywhere. The bedroom looked like it was hit by a hurricane and it was just devastating to my 82 year old mother. Tenzin and his crew meticulously cleaned every item, big and small, as if they were their own mother's possessions. With such detailed and difficult work, these gentlemen exhibited the highest levels of professionalism and always were exceptionally polite and compassionate. We felt confident that my mother's precious belongings would be well taken care of. PuroClean of Alexandria, Tenzin and his crew far exceeded my expectations. I will recommend them to every friend and client of mine. I am so impressed with these guys, I would trust them with my life!

Kathleen Turner

PuroClean is absolutely awesome!!! I called Phil Dhargyal Friday evening and he had a team out, on time, the next day. They started work on Saturday, but had to finish the demo on Sunday. The job was bigger than they thought so, on Sunday, a team of 4 folks came out to finish the demo, pack up stuff, cover belongings and install plastic air shields around doors to prevent air migration. They also installed 10 dryers and dehumidifiers to dry everything out. The team was so fabulous, clean, professional, reassuring and respectful of us and our belongings. Despite tearing our house apart (only to the extent necessary), there was a certain calmness to having them in our home and in control. They came back everyday to measure wetness and maintain logs. Terzin was our main contact. I think you could call him a Project Director and he also may be part owner. He was there every day and was great about explaining everything they were doing and why, including the extensive documentation they send to insurers/owners. PuroClean is definitely an AAA+ company and certainly the company I would call immediately if I have the misfortune to deal with a future water issue in my home. All my gratitude!

Heather Larson

Puroclean did a great job assessing the damage to our home from hurricane Florence. They made sure our home was dry and free of mold from roof damage. They were honest and well priced. Thank you!

Larry Iverson

Called everyone, hurricane Florence left 8 inches of water inside. ServicePro missed 4 appointments with no phone call or follow up. Continuous phone calls to Servpro we responded with little or no concern. We reached out to PuroClean, Tenzin called and scheduled an 1100 appointment; walking through the house he quoted my wife a price that was 60% less then Servpro who finally showed up after 4 missed appointments and couldn’t set up equipment until the 15th. The job PuroClean (Tenzin) and his crew did was phenomenal, he and his team are true professionals. Won’t ever wait around again for false promises.

Cindy Bijas

Recommended by our neighbor and we are so glad they did. PuroClean did a wonderful job of clearing, treating and drying out our home after Hurricane Florence. They were always professional and courteous- highly recommend them