Serving Our Local PuroClean Communities and Making Connections: What It’s All About

Relentless customer service is synonymous with PuroClean (but we all know that). Every day we strive to go above and beyond to serve our customers and our community. One way that we continue to provide world-class service is through community involvement and creating and developing local connections, both personal and business.

The Community Voice Interviews Ricardo Herdan

Recently The Community Voice program sat down with three prominent local leaders, including our very own Ricardo Herdan, to discuss their business and the connections they have made through the Aventura Marketing Council. Ricardo, a Venezuelan immigrant, has been a member of the council since late 2019. He was first introduced to their work when his daughter entered an annual singing competition that they sponsored. As a non-native, Ricardo felt that an organization like this would be a perfect way to understand the American system and start a new relationship with the community at large.

Ricardo talked about the great work that our PuroClean team has been completing, especially during the COVID-19 pandemic. From working in partnership with the North Miami and Key Biscayne police departments, to offering deep cleaning services to assisted living facilities pro bono, to traveling to Texas for three weeks during the polar vortex to help restore homes affected by cracked pipes and other issues caused by the extreme cold, we have been there for our local community and beyond. Our dedication to our customers is top priority; Ricard explained, “Our favorite word in this business is empathy and you have to be calm” because we’re dealing with vulnerable people dealing with unusual and unnerving situations.

In our line of business, these types of disasters are common. However, some situations impact us more than others. One of these emergency jobs had a really personal connection when a nearby school flooded in 2020 after heavy rain: the school Ricardo’s children attend. It was crucial for us to get everything completed as quickly as possible so all of the students could get back to learning. In just two weeks our team had everything back and running again. Ricardo said this was the most important moment in his three years with PuroClean because he was able to bring his team to the school and have them go from classroom to classroom seeing the smiles from the teachers and students. We work hard to serve our customers and there is nothing more satisfying than seeing the positive impact we’ve made on peoples’ lives.

Expanding Connections and Opportunities to Serve

At PuroClean, our community and the connections we make are fundamental. It’s so important that our customers see us as more than just another business, but also as local community members who are here to help in times of need. Under the guidance of Ricardo and co-owner, David Shiffman, we will soon open a new location in Brickell to better serve all regions of the Miami area. Until then, if you need us for anything you can reach PuroClean of Aventura at (305) 907-7373.

Last edited on 16th of August 2021