water damaged yoga studio

Hot Yoga Studio Becomes “Hot” Spot for Water Damage

We receive many calls about flooded commercial properties, as even they aren’t safe from possible water damage. It can be even more frustrating if the issue occurs during operating hours.

PuroClean of Aventura/Davie/Downtown Miami knows how important it is to keep businesses open. We’re available 24 hours a day, seven days a week, to assist you with any property damage quickly and effectively.

Water Damage Snuffs Out Heat

A yoga studio in Miami Beach recently called us regarding a flood caused by an activated fire sprinkler. A heater used for the studio’s hot yoga sessions triggered the sprinkler, causing water to fill the space.

The incident occurred during business hours, and we faced the challenge of rectifying the damage as quickly as possible.

Using our PuroClean QuickDry System, we began working to ensure our team completed the water damage restoration with little interruption. Our skilled technicians on the scene first assessed the level of water damage. When it was determined, we removed the standing water. Then, we deployed our specialized air movers and dehumidifiers to dry out any lasting moisture in the affected area.

Due to the nature of hot yoga, the crew removed some floorboards for additional drying to ensure the area underneath didn’t become too humid and cause further damage.

Water from fire sprinklers is typically contaminated, so our crew thoroughly sanitized the affected areas with antimicrobial cleaners and scrubbers.

The water damage restoration took a relatively short time to complete: in four days, the studio was dry and ready to resume normal operations. The owner was very pleased with the state of the space and commended our hardworking team for their work. Great job, everyone!

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Last edited on 13th of June 2023