Hurricane Season Disaster Checklist

Water Restoration

Whether it was Hurricane Andrew back in 1992, Hurricane Wilma in 2005, or Hurricane Michael in 2018, no one is more aware of the devastating nature of Hurricane Season than South Floridians. Thankfully, our experience dealing with these massive storms has made us all a little more prepared for the next year than we were the previous one. So, with that in mind, we have created this disaster checklist for you to be ready and safe!

Make Sure to Have These Items Ready Before a Hurricane Strikes

  • Stock up on at least one gallon of water per day, per person, for three to seven days.
  • Have personal hygiene items collected in the event you cannot go to the store for an extended time.
  • Don’t forget about your pets! Gather all of your pet care items, including food and water.
  • Gather enough non-perishable snacks and packaged or canned food for at least three to seven days.
  • Don’t forget about special items, such as food for infants, or equipment for elderly or disabled family members.
  • Be sure that you have a flashlight(s), a battery-powered radio, and, of course, batteries.
  • Double check that you have a manual can opener, extra garbage bags, and an extra set of car keys.
  • Pack a change of clothes, rain gear, and sturdy shoes for each person in case you need to evacuate.
  • Fully charge your portable electronic devices and have their chargers packed.
  • Have cash in hand in case there is a power outage for an extended period of time and you cannot access an ATM.
  • Pack bedding for a small space in the event you move to a shelter.
  • Think about how you will pass the time, too! Quiet games, toys, and/or reading materials are good options because they do not require electricity.
  • Place important documents in a waterproof container or bag and secure in a safe place.
  • Stock up on prescription medications for everyone in your household (including pets, if necessary.)
  • Be sure to collect necessary eyeglasses, contact lenses and supplies, and hearing aides in case you need to evacuate.
  • Assemble a fully stocked first-aid kit.

Contact PuroClean of Aventura and Davie for Restoration Services

If you find that you need emergency assistance due to flood or severe water damage by chance, keep in mind that at PuroClean of Aventura and Davie, we are completely geared up to mitigate whatever situation you face. We hope you don’t need it but be assured we will assist you if the time comes. Call us at (305) 907-7373 for Miami-Dade and (954) 233-1100 for Broward.

Last edited on 28th of November 2023