We Were Featured in Aventura News for a Coronovirus Cleanup Job

In The Community

We are proud to announce that the July 13th edition of Aventura News features our team at PuroClean of Aventura. The article recounts our Coronavirus disinfecting of the Aventura Marketing Council and Chamber of Commerce. It details our process and how we put local officials’ minds at ease.

Our Coronavirus disinfecting job for the Aventura Marketing Council

Aventura News recognized our very own Ricardo Herdan for his effective management and informative demeanor. The Aventura Marketing Council (AMC) took precautions, although they had no positive cases among their staff. Besides safety, lingering disinfectant odors worried the AMC staff. However, Ricardo assured them that the entire process would be both effective and odorless.

But, as they say, “a picture is worth a thousand words”. Ricardo told the members of the AMC that the best way they could understand the process is if they could see it for themselves. So, AMC scheduled a 3 hour timeframe for our team to take action and clean their entire office space, houseplants and all.

Our crew wiped down every touchable surface in the building. We amazed the staff by successfully finishing the job in only 2 1/2 hours. AMC President, Elaine Adler, particularly noted how clean every surface was in the building, and how there was no trace of any disinfecting odors.

For COVID-19 disinfecting services, contact PuroClean!

In the modern world of COVID-19, it is necessary to disinfect your place of work to help mitigate the spread of the virus. We use Environmental Protection Agency-registered (EPA)  registered products to carefully contain the area and minimize the risk of pathogens spreading. For Coronvirus cleaning, call us at (305) 907-7373.

Last edited on 21st of July 2020