Who Should I Call To Fix A Large Water Damage in Myrtle Beach?

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Water Damaged Hotel in Myrtle Beach

Water Damage

Call PuroClean of Myrtle Beach first if you have major water damage that has to be repaired as quickly as possible because you are a business that people rely on.

We have a beautiful skyline with a large amount of resort-style hotels along the Grand Strand. Those properties have so many people that depend on them running seamlessly. If one of those large commercial buildings were to have major water damage, such as from a frozen sump pump line, it could really disrupt the business in a huge way financially. That is where PuroClean of Myrtle Beach comes in. 

We have the manpower and equipment to handle the largest of water losses. Having access to multiple local franchises surrounding the immediate area as well as the manpower of our national team means we can mobilize in as quick as 24 hours to stop your profits from plummeting much sooner than some smaller companies. These large loss events can ruin a business if you do not have access to a professional restoration company that can get you dried out and back to operational status quickly and efficiently. We have that access!

Emergency Management Plan

When you have a flood in one room of your house it seems overwhelming, let alone an entire floor of your award-winning hotel, it’s going to be difficult to think straight.

Fortunately, PuroClean of Myrtle Beach provides a service called the Emergency Management Plan (EMP), which makes it simple to access your information in the event of an emergency (which happens every day, and when you least expect it), and it is a free service that you should have done for your business just in case tragedy strikes your building!

Having a business profile already on file with us will save precious time and energy when it comes to shutting off valves or locating key areas that may be affected by the water damage. PuroClean will keep a copy of your file at our office for quick reference of your plan should disaster strike your commercial property. This will be especially helpful should your record-keeping area be damaged and your copy of files and folders are compromised.

Putting this Emergency Management Plan in place before disaster strikes is the best thing you can do for your business. Oftentimes people wait until the tragedy is already upon them to make a plan and we all know it can be so much more stressful and difficult to navigate. Call PuroClean of Myrtle Beach now to set up an appointment for us to come develop a FREE plan for your business (854) 854-9700.

Water damage can strike at any time here in the Myrtle Beach area. Most people and businesses on the Grand Strand do not realize that hurricane season is not the only threat we face. Our thunderstorms and king tides are capable of doing severe water damage in all areas along the coastline. Between coastal flooding and wind-driven rain, the chances of needing a quality water mitigation expert team are highly likely all year long!

Are you going to wait until disaster strikes to handle the loss or are you going to move forward, be professional and proactive and call PuroClean today?

Contact Your Myrtle Beach PuroClean Office For Professional Water Damage Restoration Services

PuroClean of Myrtle Beach is here if your coastal or inland Grand Strand property or business dwelling floods or experiences other water damage, or mold due to a large loss wreaking havoc on your business. We are available 24/7. For an experienced and professional water damage restoration or mold remediation, contact your local Myrtle Beach PuroClean office today at (854) 854-9700.

Last edited on 28th of February 2023