What the HAIL is Going On Here?!

The great Vince Lombardi once uttered the timeless phrase “What the hail is going on here?” while on the frozen tundra of Lambeau Field. While some scholars debate the semantics, it is abundantly clear to us that the legendary football coach was referring to the devastating effects of hail damage and what it can do to your home or business.

The main danger posed by hail is damage to your property. If the size of the hailstone is less than one inch in diameter, then it is unlikely that there will be much damage done to your property. However, any part of your garden or home that has exposed materials (windows, glass panels around air conditioners) represents a likely target for large hailstones.

Exterior doors can also suffer considerable damage when hit with large hailstones. The door may take on dents and may even shatter under pressure. This is because exterior doors generally have thin metal layers that are not designed to withstand extreme temperatures or excessive pressure over time. While substantial damage to tile roofs is rare, hail is often known to cause considerable dents and deformities to tiles and shingles.

If the size of the hailstone increases significantly – greater than 1″, this could result in cracks in your home’s exterior walls, window panes, or other glass surfaces. Additionally, if the size of the hailstone exceeds 2″, this may result in shattered windows and broken glass panels on air conditioners. Please note that if the size of the hailstone exceeds 4″, this may result in widespread damage to property and even death. If you do not own a car, make sure your home has sufficient protection from hailstones for your safety and well-being.

Hailstones may also destroy fruit trees such as apple and orange trees. Hail can also potentially damage cars causing extensive bodywork such as dents and paintwork. In most cases, the windshield is one of the first parts to be damaged by hail due to its vulnerability.


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Last edited on 5th of November 2021