Property & Water Damage Restoration Services in River Forest, IL

We are an industry leading organization that focuses on property emergency services in River Forest, IL as well as water damage restoration services. We are PuroClean – we are there for families and businesses to work through life changing situations caused by fire, mold, water damage and other forms of property damage. To help our clients cut back on insurance claim costs and guarantee satisfaction, we adhere to our specially designed “Certified Priority Response” program. This ensures that our work follows very strict standards of certification and pre-approvals of the mutually agreed upon scope of work. With every call, we react quickly, efficiently and with the utmost compassion 24/7!

PuroClean of River Forest, IL takes pride in the ability to respond rapidly to water damage issues and emergencies in River Forest, IL and surrounding areas. We understand that water damage can be caused by all sorts of events ranging from leaky faucets to something more serious like frozen or burst pipes. Your home is in good hands with our experienced and trained technicians. Our goal here at PuroClean of River Forest, IL is to prevent any further damage and avoid risk of mold that could impact the structure of your home. Don’t wait to contact us anytime at (708) 665-6800.

Local Property Damage Restoration Services in River Forest, IL

Situated near the heart of River Forest, IL, we are your neighbors, professionals who help individuals, families and companies get back to normal life after suffering property damage.

PuroClean’s dedication and passion for our work, along with the high standards of our services has helped us to build a stellar reputation throughout the River Forest, IL region. Our work consists of water and mold damage remediation and sanitization, fire and smoke mitigation, biohazard and virus sanitation, reconstruction and many more. A top concern of our work plan is ongoing communication and clarity so everyone involved understands the work, the expectations, and what is ahead to return the project to normal.

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Water damage restoration in River Forest, IL

PuroClean’s water damage removal experts have earned the trust of homeowners, insurance agents and companies, service providers, and property managers throughout the River Forest, IL area. Unlike other water restoration companies, our technicians restore and revive lives and water affected areas with the PuroClean QuickDry System™. This helps us to complete your water damage repair project in the least amount of time possible, and quite a bit cheaper than the traditional drying system or methods our competition uses. Every step we take on your project, PuroClean keeps you and your insurance agent informed. We desire all persons involved to understand what’s taking place, and what to expect from our water damage restoration services. We utilize the newest state-of-the-art tools and equipment for drying, disinfecting, deodorizing and humidifying to return your affected areas to normal with the least disruption possible.

Water Removal Services in River Forest, IL

PuroClean of River Forest, IL excels in promptly addressing water damage issues and emergencies in River Forest, IL and the surrounding areas. Protecting your home is our topmost priority at PuroClean of River Forest, IL. With our team of dedicated and certified technicians, we employ advanced techniques and industry expertise to effectively minimize water damage, mitigate the risk of mold growth, and preserve the structural integrity of your home. We understand the importance of swift action when it comes to water damage restoration, and that’s why we offer immediate assistance round the clock. When you’re in need, simply dial (708) 665-6800 to connect with our team and experience the reliable and comprehensive solutions we provide.

Fire damage restoration in River Forest, IL

Most individuals fail to realize that damage keeps spreading long after a fire has been put out. If action is not taken quickly to stop it, damage can spread quickly. Timing is the most important priority for fire and smoke damage restoration – so don’t wait to contact PuroClean. We waste no time in getting our technicians to work ASAP. We are conveniently available to respond 24/7, weekdays, weekends and holidays too! Please remember: the fire and smoke catastrophe WILL NOT stop until properly managed – so we begin the remediation process with extreme urgency.

Mold removal services in River Forest, IL

It has long been known that mold can cause serious health problems. Usually, mold occurs from hidden water damage, or damages from water that wasn’t properly fixed. PuroClean offers complete mold removal services to fully eradicate all mold, and most importantly, find and fix the source of the water, if it’s actually related to water damage. Included in our method is fully cleaning and sanitizing each project, along with getting rid of mold odors, and returning your project to its pre-mold state. Mold abatement is an important and intricate process, requiring special certifications or licensing. You can count on PuroClean to have the expertise, tools and technology to correctly and efficiently finish your project.

Choosing PuroClean For Your Water Damage Restoration Needs

At PuroClean we’re licensed, insured, and certified to remediate environments safely and in accordance with all applicable laws and standards. We are aware that some events may be sensitive and must be handled with compassion and discretion. We pledge to treat everyone with empathy and respect, whether the damage is in a home, commercial property or business.

PuroClean’s damage restoration team in River Forest, IL

John Carney & Vince Bertuca - Owners

John Carney was born and raised in the western suburbs of Chicago. He attended Fenwick High School in Oak Park and earned an economics degree from Indiana University. He has spent the last twenty years working for investment banks within the institutional equity division. This involved handling people’s money and livelihood in a high-stress environment. He looks forward to using the knowledge he has gained from those experiences to begin a new chapter in a more service-oriented in more service.

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