John k L

John k L "PureClean Disaster Mitigation is truly a trusted Professional company. I had Mold developed in our home, the owner came with his employee she inspected it, he provided an immediate recommendation for the family's safety, contacted the insurance company, and immediately started the work I believe this company cares. I believe this company wants to do the correct thing and the right thing for its customers. In addition for the repair aspect of the project, the company brought me general contractors that were extremely professional. They did a wonderful job in my basement and basically it was done in a very fast pace. I am a business owner and also what I have viewed out of pure clean is the number one thing they care truly they care About the customers, safety health and getting back the condition of the home as it was and better. Without any reservation, I would recommend them to my mother, my brother, my sister besides my friends believe me I tell you this company is the best I’ve ever had to use because of one thing they truly care that’s the difference"