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The Hidden Dangers of Water Damage: What Every Homeowner Should Know

Water damage may seem like a minor inconvenience, but its potential impact on your home’s structural integrity and your well-being is significant.

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The Hidden Aftermath: Navigating Fire & Smoke Damage with PuroClean Disaster Mitigation

Fire & Smoke Damage with PuroClean Disaster Mitigation Fire damage can result in significant losses to personal property as well as to the business.


HOW TO PREVENT A BURST WATER PIPE? According to the latest statistic information, water escape is one of the most issues for residential house owners in winter because almost 25% [...]

Who Should I Call For My Flooded House In Illinois and Indiana?

Flooded Home in Illinois and Indiana? Don’t Panic, Call PuroClean Disaster Mitigation! Flooding can be a nightmare, leaving your beloved home in disarray and your heart sinking.

Can My Carpet and Pad Be Saved after a Flood?

Can My Carpet and Pad Be Saved after a Flood? So, your pristine carpet has become a soggy sponge after a flood.

Ticking Time Bomb: Why Ignoring Water Damage Can Explode Your Office Upheaval

The consequences of water damage in office buildings can be severe and costly.

Top 10 Burning Questions Homeowners Ask About Restoration in Indiana & Illinois

Are you a homeowner in Munster, Dyer, Hazel Crest seeking answers about mold damage remediation and restoration? Read this blog post to learn about the top 10 questions homeowners ask [...]

9 Types of Mold & How to Stay Safe From Them

Types of Mold & Safety Measures to Help You What is Mold?  Mold is a common issue that many homeowners encounter, especially in Chicago and it can pose health risks [...]

How to Remove Mold Stains from Clothes and Fabric

Damp clothes or fabrics can easily be infested with mold if they’re not dried in time.

How to Repair Water-Damaged Drywall

In a water damage event, it’s essential to quickly remove the water and dry your property.

Spring Storm Damage Restoration: What to Do After the Storm

“April showers” are sometimes much more than just a bit of rain.

5 Things to do after a house fire to save sour home

After the fire is out and the smoke has cleared, the fire department is gone, and you are left with a disaster on your hands.

How to Protect Your Home Against Spring Flooding

The spring flood season is about to begin, and homeowners need to be prepared.

Tips to Safely Remove Snow from a Roof for 2022

Even though most building codes require that residential roofs support the most significant snowfalls in your area, there is still a risk of roof damage.

How to Prevent Your Sump Pump Line from Freezing

When your sump pump discharge hose freezes, the sump pump has to work harder as a result of the heat and may fail completely as a consequence of overheating.

2021 Holiday Lights Safety Tips

There’s something magical about lights during the holiday season.

office water damage
Consequences of Water Damage in Office Buildings

What Are the Causes of Office Water Damage and What Are the Consequences? Property managers of office buildings are often aware that water damage can be truly consequential.

Have a Safer Thanksgiving with These Fire Prevention Tips

Thanksgiving Day is one of our most important celebrations, but did you know that it’s also the leading day for home cooking fires? [...]

You may be wondering is soot dangerous.
Is Soot Dangerous? What You Should Know

After a house fire, the danger unfortunately doesn’t stop once the flames have been put out.

smoke detector false alarm
Top 10 Reasons Your Smoke Alarm Goes Off Randomly

Smoke alarms are extremely important in keeping you and your family safe in case of a household fire.

Tobacco and Cigarette Smoke Odor Removal

After years of smoking in a home, walls and contents become blemished and develop bad odors.

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