PuroClean Works with Habitat for Humanity for Hoarder Home Winter Prep

Biohazard Clean Up

If you’re like a lot of people, you probably think of hoarders as those people on reality TV who can’t seem to let go of anything. In reality, hoarding is a serious mental disorder that affects an estimated 1-5% of the population. Hoarders often struggle with the winter months because it’s so cold and they don’t have enough insulation. For them, this can be a life or death situation where their health is at risk if there isn’t an intervention soon enough.

PuroClean Intervenes to Bring Warmth and Comfort to Local Man

In late December 2021, we received a call from the local Habitat for Humanity. Along with the County Social Services, they needed our assistance with a hoarder home winter prep in Powhatan. The homeowner, suffering from mental illness and alcoholism, was in a situation where he could not properly take care of himself, and we needed to make sure he would be okay for the winter.

From the very start, this job was different than our average daily project. Because of the mental state of the homeowner, we had to coordinate closely with Habitat for Humanity and Social Services during the work. There were several days when we had to leave because the resident became agitated and uncooperative.

Because of the hoarding situation, we responded to the job as a biohazard situation. Our team wore proper PPE (Personal Protective Equipment) to safeguard against exposure to anything. Despite the challenges, we got the home fully heated. We were not satisfied with just completing the job, so we went beyond the scope of work by donating a new mattress and box spring to the man. We are happy that we could provide some extra small warmth in the form of a comfortable bed!

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Last edited on 26th of January 2022