PuroClean Finds Mold After Mysterious Symptoms Dismissed by Others

Mold Restoration

Recently, a woman in a family of four started to experience allergy-like symptoms in her own home. Her experience began after a roofing contractor came to fix a roof leak. Soon afterward, she began feeling ill and was convinced that mold was growing somewhere in her Midlothian home. The conclusion seemed logical, so she began hiring restoration companies to find and eliminate her unseen irritant. But, sadly, things did not go according to plan.

Maybe It’s Just Allergies, but What if It’s Mold?

Even though the client had contacted multiple restoration professionals, each one told her the same thing: There was no mold. They all dismissed the symptoms she was experiencing as seasonal allergies. But, she was sure this was not just allergies, and she felt insulted that no one was taking her seriously. However, before she gave up, she called us at PuroClean in a final effort to find the elusive mold.

We assured the client that we would take her concerns about her symptoms extremely seriously. It was incredibly discouraging to see how others had treated her, and we would do everything to make sure we did not continue the trend. Our team scoured the home looking for anything that could indicate that mold was growing. And, eventually, we found what we were searching for. She was right!

In the house, there is a wall cavity that extends from the attic to the basement. While we were inspecting the attic (which was located directly beneath the previously repaired leaky roof), we discovered traces of mold. We then removed a section of the floor in the attic to access the wall cavity, and there we found the mold. The client felt so vindicated that she had known all along. And so, we agreed to mitigate the home for the mold. The work is still ongoing as mold remediation can take time but the client is so happy to be on the road to recovery.

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Last edited on 11th of October 2022