Some of the scaffolding our technicians needed to reach the water damage.

A Tall Order: Category Two Roof Leak Seeps Into Carmel Valley Home

Water Restoration

Your roof is your home’s first line of defense, so it can be concerning when you find a roof leak. Leaky roofs allow water to infiltrate your home, causing structural damage and ruining personal belongings. Rainwater can also lead to contaminants inside your living space.

That’s when PuroClean of Clairemont steps in. Breathe a sigh of relief knowing that our experts can restore any lingering water damage, no matter the obstacle. We’ll handle the job with great care, prioritizing your safety so you can resume your routine as soon as possible.

Reaching Up

A family of three in Carmel Valley recently got in touch with us concerning water damage caused by a roof leak in their home. Upon our initial inspection, we discovered multiple areas on the roof that led to the category-two water loss. Category two water contains contamination and can cause illness in humans if ingested. The water had affected the first-floor living room and the primary bedroom on the second floor.

The living room’s high ceiling proved challenging, as it required scaffolding. Undeterred, we pressed forward. We started by rearranging the contents in the rooms to make space for a containment area and our scaffolding. With everything set and our personal protective equipment (PPE) on, we removed the drywall, insulation, baseboard, and window trim. 

Fortunately, the primary bedroom proved less difficult. Our skilled technicians set up a containment area before removing the ceiling drywall and insulation.

The damage left behind by the category two roof leak was extensive (L) and required a containment area, plus scaffolding to restore (R).

We relied on two industrial air movers and an advanced dehumidifier in the living room and primary bedroom. These machines worked in tandem to dry any lingering moisture in the affected areas. After, we applied an anti-microbial spray to all exposed materials, which inhibited future mold growth.

In total, we completed our job in just three days. No pack-out or abatement was necessary. This quick turnaround meant the family could get back home safely and sound without significant disruptions to their daily life. Kudos to our dedicated team for rescuing the family’s home!

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Last edited on 11th of October 2023