Washing Machine? More Like Messy Machine!

Mold Restoration

Did you know that the first washing machine was invented back in 1851? After that, it took only 15 years for the design to be “perfected” for home use. And yet, despite having been in homes for more than a century and a half, these cleaning machines still break down and cause flooding regularly. And, when this unfortunate tendency strikes, water damage is sure to follow.

As If Doing The Laundry Wasn’t Fun Enough…

The tragedy of an overflowing laundry machine happened to one of our clients. They called us to their home in Chula Vista after we were referred to them by their insurance company. Instead of clean clothes, they had water cascading through their home. The water ended up not only affecting the laundry room, but also the hallway, bedroom, and garage. Within an hour of receiving the call, we arrived at the residence to begin the work.

First, we used our FLIR moisture meter to determine which areas of the home were saturated with water. These pieces of equipment use thermal imaging to make otherwise hidden water visible. Once we mapped out where the moisture was, we removed all of the standing water from the home. During this process, we removed portions of the ceiling in the garage to access all of the trapped humidity. Then, we set up our air movers to scrub the condensation from the air to help avoid mold growth.

After five days of working, we finished thoroughly drying out the home and restored the damaged areas. The client was very pleased with our crew’s performance and left us an excellent review. Our technicians, Sean and Junior, really stood out for their expertise and communication skills that helped the client feel informed at every step in the process.

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Last edited on 30th of September 2021

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