Our trained technicians working hard on solving this water loss.

Down the Drain: Condo Water Loss Caused By Upstairs Toilet Leak

Water Restoration

Your water damage might be worse than you think. Depending on the type of water loss, it can be detrimental to your property and health. Category-three water loss, in particular, contains pathogenic or toxigenic agents, such as pesticides and organic matter. The double whammy of water damage and its harmful substance can prove disastrous.

When it happens, give us a call. PuroClean of Clairemont has experts with the knowledge and equipment to manage the challenges of your water damage emergency. We’ll guide you every step of the way, restoring your property safely and urgently.

As Above, So Below

A condo resident in Clairemont contacted us about their unfortunate water loss. Unbeknownst to the retired couple, the upstairs neighboring unit suffered from a toilet leak, which drained downwards into the rooms of their home. Worst of all, the toilet water elevated the emergency into a category-three loss due to the organic matter it contained.

The water damage affected many of the condo’s rooms, requiring extensive repairs.

Toilet Leak Troubles

Our IIRCC-certified technicians were on the scene right away. Before we started, we inspected the condo’s affected areas using infrared cameras and moisture meters to determine the extent of the damage. Doing so helped us figure out what our water damage restoration process would involve.

Over six rooms were affected by the category-three water loss. The materials damaged included drywall, insulation, vinyl flooring, baseboards, and carpentry. Additionally, the tile flooring, laminate, and vinyl flooring were soaked. We used two industrial dehumidifiers and 17 air movers throughout our work to facilitate the dry-out process and remove any remaining standing water.

It was quite a task for our skilled technicians to restore the condo! Overall, the job took six days, with significant time dedicated to pack-out, abatement, and dry-out. In the end, we were left with two very pleased condo owners. Kudos on a job well done, team!

PuroClean of Clairemont Responds to Water Damage Emergencies 24/7!

When water damage strikes, don’t delay calling the experts! If your home or business has water damage and needs immediate restoration, PuroClean of Clairemont is here to assist. We provide 24/7 water damage restoration services in Clairemont and the surrounding areas. As the “Paramedics of Property Damage™,” we can respond to your emergency whenever it happens. Please call us at (858) 869-1313 today!

Last edited on 25th of September 2023