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Puroclean of Clairemont Travels to Texas to Help With the Winter Storm Recovery

The winter storms that pummeled much of the United States in February left many people suffering. Texas had blizzard conditions, the likes of which were unprecedented for the state. PuroClean of Clairemont packed up and traveled to Texas to lend a hand to those in need.

Helping as Many People as We Can on a Successful Business Trip

On February 25, we headed to Texas to assess communities in need due to the winter storm. A common problem we saw was water damage from burst pipes. Physics tells us that when water freezes into ice, its volume expands. When a blizzard brings freezing temperatures, the water within pipes will expand, causing the pipes to rupture and leak. Residents lost power and/or water and had severe damages to their homes. We quickly assessed the damage and began mitigation right away so that these families could return to some normalcy.

Throughout our trip, we encountered a variety of jobs where we were uniquely skilled to help. We had one job where the shower handle in the master bathroom shower froze. The resident turned the shower on, and the water supply line burst. The water damage affected the master bathroom, master bedroom, two guest bathrooms, family room, laundry, and garage. We were able to dry 95% of the structure except for the garage that had wet insulation in the ceiling and perimeter walls, which required removal.

Other jobs were also due to burst water supply line pipes. Some were in kitchens, while others were in bedrooms. Some were in basements, while others were on top levels. The effects of the snowstorm affected all different types of property; no one was exempt. Our hearts go out to those who had to endure this, and we were proud to be able to back up those sentiments with tangible action.

We serviced many different families, from young to retired, and every loss was a unique situation requiring immediate attention. Though we had various scopes of work, we could dry the structures and mitigate the damage within 3 to 5 days on average. Given the circumstances that they faced, the residents were extremely kind and patient throughout the whole process. And, luckily, we were able to make it to the Texas Roadhouse for some traditional Texas BBQ.

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Last edited on 19th of March 2021