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Sometimes contents are damaged during a fire loss.  If your contents are damaged or affected by water or fire, we will pack and remove to be cleaned or stored.  This is called a packout.  During the cleaning of the contents, it will be determined if the item is salvageable or non-salvageable.  This determination is made more than once.  We will assess prior to packing, during the cleaning, and then you still have the option of determining after it is cleaned and returned if it is in its pre-loss condition.  If you have any questions about replacement allowances, contact your adjuster.

We will be glad to work on items of sentimental value, but are obviously damaged beyond repair.  We may get out smells or get them to a condition better than they are after the fire. Communicate these requests with your project manager.

Not everything is able to be cleaned and we may know this from the beginning.  We may be asked by your adjuster to compile a “non-salvageable” list to include items we cannot clean.  You are also encouraged to remove any sensitive or valuable items that you do not want our staff handling.