Abandoned Factory Unearths Nightmare of Moldy Proportions for PuroClean Team

Mold Restoration

With this “Spooky Season” upon us, an abandoned factory might seem like a creepy good time. But, don’t expect the fun haunted house attractions. Real abandoned factories contain years of gunk, buildup, and safety hazards. Unlike the hired actors ready to jump out and scare you, the contents lurking behind the walls are truly scary and treacherous.

PuroClean Helps Transform Neglected Building

In mid-August, a local company, Strode Construction, reached out to enlist our help with an abandoned factory in Brazil, IN. The building, which sat vacant for the past ten years, is being repurposed for a powder coatings plant. After a decade of apathy and neglect, the factory required a good deal of work.

Our crew showed up ready to go. We first evaluated the 2,700 square foot office space to see what we were in for and to come up with a plan of attack. Immediately we noticed a vast amount of mold. Between the poor drainage, backed-up drains, and sitting water rotting the seal plates, a nightmare of moldy proportions had taken hold of the building. The mold felt like it was everywhere; in reality, it spread throughout several rooms. Instead of containing each room, we set up containment for the entire space.

The massive undertaking, involving full demolition and mold remediation, took our hardworking crew two full weeks to complete. The job was an awesome opportunity for our entire crew to gain experience and knowledge. We were able to see the effects of long-term water exposure and damage, and learn a lot about mold remediation in this unique situation. The work also sparked conversations that led to improvements in safety protocols and how we do things.

If Mold has Become a Nightmare for You – Call PuroClean!

You don’t have to have an abandoned factory to have water damage or mold. Unfortunately, mold can grow in lots of places. If you suspect that mold is affecting your home or place of business, it’s best to reach out to the professionals as soon as possible. Our crew at PuroClean of Terre Haute are here for you 24/7! Give us a call: (812) 514-8555.

Last edited on 11th of October 2021