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Local Tax Prep Office Suffers From Large Water Loss

Water Restoration

We recently performed a restoration on a tax preparer’s office in Terre Haute. What made this job more noteworthy is that it was classified as a “Large Loss”, which means exactly as it sounds – it was a big job. The damage to this office began when the roof started to leak, and the damage grew exponentially from that point. Thankfully for them, they called us at PuroClean and we got to work getting this disaster mitigated.

Large Loss in a Large Office

We arrived on the scene of the property to evaluate the scope of the damage. The office was over 2000 square feet, and the majority of the building was drenched in water. They also were about to undergo a small remodeling so the cubicles were pushed so close together that they almost formed their own rooms. Our main goal was to extract the water so the office could return to normal operations.

The term “Large Loss” might not seem like it is worth defining, but there are some nuances that make it a term meaning more than just “big damage”. When dealing with commercial properties and businesses, a job falls under this umbrella if a large portion of the office’s operations are halted due to the damage. In most instances, there will be a significant amount of the structure that needs to be replaced.

Unfortunately, there are not rigid terms to classify a job as a large loss, and that can ultimately influence how an insurance company covers the incident. There are, however, several factors that can assist in determining whether or not your damage constitutes a large loss, such as the size of the affected area, the complexities of the repairs, and if the business activity was halted in any sort of way. In this case, it had all of the above.

Our technicians extracted the water that was saturated into the structure. They also set up air movers throughout the building, including in the cubicle areas, in order to remove the last bits of excess moisture from the air. We were able to make all of the preparations within the first evening and after a few days of drying, we returned the office space to its normal, pre-loss conditions, which enabled them to get back to business. 

large loss
Air movers set up inside the office.

PuroClean of Terre Haute is Ready to Assist Homes and Businesses with Water Damage Restoration Services

Water damage from flooding can wreak havoc on your residential or commercial property. It is important to have a plan before a disaster happens. Call the restoration professionals at PuroClean of Terre Haute at (812) 514-8555 so we can get you back to business as usual fast.

Last edited on 20th of July 2021