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Water RestorationPublished January 13, 2021

Rock Bottom: Water Damage Finds Its Way Into The Basement

When not contained, water can easily seep into different areas of a home, straying far from the initial source. Recently, a retired couple in Greencastle called PuroClean to handle water damage in their basement. However, we soon discovered that the water did not originate there. So, our technicians got to work to find the source and mitigate the problem.

Where Did That Water in The Basement Come From?

Our technicians explored for the origins of the leak. The water found itself in a closed-off room with block walls. The limited points of entry made deducing the source rather simple. As it turns out, the leak stemmed from a shower drain on the home’s first floor.

The room with the bulk of the damage contained pipes that were part of a hydrothermal system that had been capped-off and drained. The space was also littered with rocks, and the standing water from the first-floor leak. We drilled holes into the block to drain and then installed a temporary forced-air system to dry it from the inside out.

The customer’s primary concern was to maintain the existing look of the basement. This made restoration just as important as remediation. The basement had been professionally renovated before the damage, and our technicians worked hard to bring it back to its pre-loss condition. Our crew even managed to find a place to purchase an exact replacement of the carpet damaged by the leak.

This job required some ingenuity to adequately mitigate the extent of damage. If the situation had not been handled as expeditiously, the risk of mold and permanent structural damage would have increased. The clients thanked us for our efforts and were very happy with the success of the restoration.

Call PuroClean of Terre Haute for Water Damage

Water damage is the most common type of property disaster. And, you should act swiftly if you discover water on your property to prevent an even worse situation. Call the professionals at PuroClean at (812) 514-8555 for state-of-the-art restoration services.

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