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Why Choose PuroClean Property Restoration in Wentzville?

When your home or business has been damaged by flooding, fire, mold or other disasters, it can be difficult to know who to turn to. But you can trust that PuroClean will help get you back on the road to recovery quickly, competently, and with minimal disruption to your life. PuroClean has been a nationwide leader in property emergency services for years because of our state-of-the-art equipment, exceptional customer service, and experience.

Call PuroClean any time, 24/7, and we’ll be standing by to help you. PuroClean proudly serves the following areas: Wentzville, Lake St. Louis, O’ Fallon, St. Peters, St. Charles, Dardenne Prairie, Troy, Moscow Mills, Wright City, Warrenton, Cottleville, Innsbrook, Defiance, Weldon Springs, Old Monroe, Winfield, Silex, Bowling Green, Hawk Point, Orchard Farm, New Melle, Augusta and more.

It is of the utmost importance to employ trained experts for emergency property remediation from water damage. The odds of experiencing water damage is different depending on where you live. These statistics prove the significance of protecting yourself by having the appropriate insurance. Additionally, these numbers show that more than 20 percent of U.S. citizens could experience water damage to their property.

Both commercial and residential properties can sustain substantial damage from excess water. There is no doubt that your property, no matter the type, is very meaningful to you. Therefore, it should also be important to hire professionals like PuroClean of Wentzville with trained water damage restoration technicians in Wentzville. PuroClean of Wentzville cleans and dries the water damaged areas using the newest, most state-of-the-art tools and equipment. Getting rid of moisture in carpets, flooring, furnishings and walls stops microbial growth, such as mold and mildew. This will help you avoid risks to your health related to microbial infestation.

Locating abnormal moisture can be challenging during property remediation and requires certified technicians who can locate all affected areas and perform proper removal to prevent mold growth. If moisture remains in these areas for extended periods of time, mold dangers increase. The PuroClean of Wentzville trained experts will seek areas likely to have pre-existing mold and hastily make plans to remove all that exists. Personable, professional technicians will inspect the damage to all of your premises and belongings. Removing this mold and damage is necessary for maintaining good health and the integrity of your property. PuroClean of Wentzville allows you to face flood emergencies in a timely manner and are available 24/7 to respond to your call. Our technicians are passionate about their role in helping you salvage your structure and belongings, and go the extra mile to make an undesirable situation as painless as possible. Should you have an emergency water situation, call (636) 445-5115 and turn that emergency over to us.

Wentzville water damage and property disaster restoration

Restoring your property to the pre-flood pristine condition is the goal of water damage remediation companies like PuroClean. Prior to drying and cleaning your property, it is imperative that all flood water be extracted by pumping the water from all flooded spaces. Following the water removal process, high powered commercial grade air blowers and dehumidifiers are brought in for thorough cleaning and drying.

We perform a complete inspection of the affected areas to determine what restoration services may be necessary. Advanced thermal imaging technology and moisture meters enable the specialists to detect the existence of moisture on walls and other structural locations. The remediation process can include the treatment of walls and floors, utilizing EPA-registered disinfectants to help reduce mold-related problems. It also helps eliminate odors thanks to the deodorization of wall cavities, crawlspaces, and other spaces.

Cabinets and vanities

Unlike drywall, that dries faster than some other structural items, our goal is to try and prohibit as much damage as possible. However, cabinets can pose some challenges depending on how much water affects them, and the type of materials in which the cabinets are constructed. Fortunately, your local PuroClean water damage remediation professionals can employ effective drying methods to accelerate evaporation with the goal of drying most materials as expeditious as possible and returning them to a pre-loss state in appearance, cleanliness, and dry standard.

Sewage cleanup

Sewage backup raises a daunting task for residential and commercial property owners. The situation calls for the intervention of certified water remediation experts who apply EPA registered disinfectants to the affected areas while employing proven cleaning procedures that may also include the abatement of select non-restorable materials according to industry standards. You can count on the professionals to eliminate disease-causing pathogens, which can pose significant health risks.

Wood floors

For water affected hardwood flooring, PuroClean uses a specialty drying process to mitigate water and eradicate moisture. We take special care while using heat, desiccant dehumidification, and a unique drying panel system to ensure your wood floors are dried correctly. Our drying system is designed to leave wood floors in the best possible, but further refinishing may be required.

Wall cavities and crawl spaces

Water damaged items left unchecked can sacrifice the condition of wall cavities and crawl spaces due to the existence of moisture. Professional restorers face problems related to the moisture by drying the walls, floors, ceilings, and crawl spaces. Also, restoration professionals confirm that your walls, ceilings, flooring, and other structural materials will remain free of mold by restoring them to their pre-loss water content in a timely manner, thus decreasing the likelihood of microbial issues from developing.

Why you should Choose PuroClean for Wentzville Water Damage and Property Restoration

Emergency assistance

Many property restoration situations call for an immediate response to prevent disaster. PuroClean PuroClean of Wentzville offers our expert response as timely as possible. You can contact us 24/7 and speak with an experienced PuroClean employee. Keep our number for easy access so no time is wasted should your emergency occur. Our restoration and flood mitigation services (for water, fire, mold, biohazard, ANY cleaning needs) are always attainable when you need them.

Insurance coordination support

PuroClean PuroClean of Wentzville will help you deal with most insurance companies. Regardless if it’s a national chain or local insurance company, we will assist you in discussing your needs. When your emergency takes place, we know precisely what needs to happen with the claim in order to file it both correctly and in a timely manner. Prior to starting, there’s a good chance we can assist in making your life easier and reduce the overall burden of this emergency.

Experts Only

Turning your restoration project over to an inexperienced company or crew can cause problems and leave trouble for you for years to come. The PuroClean PuroClean of Wentzville technicians have years of individual and combined experience in all facets of water mitigation and remediation. Trying to limit your restoration choices due to money only can result in costing you more in the future. Additionally, you don’t want to take the chance of inexperienced workers on your premises who don’t know or practice procedures that meet industry standards.

Find out more

To find answers to your questions, to schedule a restoration, or to get us to go into extreme detail about what we offer, please call (636) 445-5115.

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Kevin Brown - Owner/President

As an eastern Missouri native, Kevin knows how bad the seasonal flooding can get around here. And as an experienced home restoration specialist, he knows just what to do to help when that or other disasters strike your property. He first became interested in restoration after he had to spend eight months restoring his home from water and mold problems resulting from a leak.

After years of working as a firefighter, mechanical engineer and designing fire trucks, Kevin came back to his first love of home restoration. He enjoys serving his neighbors in their time of need, both with PuroClean and with volunteering in the community.

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Jessica and Kevin have been nothing short of amazing today. I messaged Jessica at 730 last night and they were at my house by 10 am this morning and have worked steadily the whole time. Thanks so much [...]

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We were told upfront exactly what service would be provided. We were kept informed daily on progress. The work done was outstanding and met all of our expectations. The people were highly [...]

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