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Jim and Beth

This is long overdue but I wanted to give a HUGE shoutout to Kevin J. Brown of PuroClean, a property damage owner. We were going to get our roof done (several families around our neighborhood also used the same company). We received a call saying that we were going to have our gutters installed on the 3rd of July, which was fine. Well, the morning of the 3rd we looked out to see a whole lot of workers getting on the roof to start on the roof. I remember Jim saying that there was a high chance of rain that day so we were hoping that they would be done by the time it started. Plus, Brittany, Mike, and the 4 grandkids were coming for the weekend so it was going to be a full house and fun-packed weekend. The roofers decided to do the neighbors roof at the same time so you can imagine the mess. They tore off all of our gutters and downspouts and stripped the roof down to the plywood, but not in time for the rain. Around 2 our family arrived along with the rain. Problem was, there were not tarps on our roof. I don't know if you remember the rain but for about an hour it was a torrential downpour. Very quickly water started coming through our light fixtures, the front bedroom first and holes started popping up in several areas with water running down like a faucet. Smoke detectors started going off and as soon as we put a bucket under one leak, another one started. It was chaos. It even leaked in the basement. After about 10 minutes into the downpour, the roofers were able to get a tarp on our roof (they were working on the other roof when the storm hit), but the damage was done. It wasn’t until around 8 pm that I was able to begin the process of finding someone to take care of the problem. The company had stopped communicating with us early on. Our front bedroom and bathroom was off limits so we had to find other arrangements for a house full of people. You can imagine the trouble that I had getting someone to answer the phone but Kevin did, thank God! Kevin was courteous, kind, and understanding and said he would be at our house around 10 am on the 4th. And he was! He was prompt, professional, thorough, prepared and he did everything, and more, that he said he would do. We had to have all of our insultation removed and every ceiling on the upper level needs to repainted. It could have been a nightmare. Don’t get me wrong, it was frustrating and a HUGE inconvenience but I feel like throughout the entire process we were blessed and it has been a relatively smooth process. I give a lot of the credit to Kevin of PuroClean. If you ever have water damage or any kind of property damage we highly recommend Kevin of PuroClean. He always arrived when he said he would, he got the job done, and he followed up. I cannot say enough good things about him. Thanks so much for taking care of us! Jim and Beth Moe

Aaron Schmidt, Agent – Missouri Farm Bureau


PuroClean was so helpful. I would have never thought I or my family would encounter something like this. PuroClean stepped up to the plate took care of our needs and did it with a smile.


O' Fallon

They were very courteous, thorough, and kept me informed. My technician even asked if I wanted to walk through and check the finished project with him.

Rhino W.

Wentzville, MO

Great Company that cares and will do the job right the first time.

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Kathy W.

St. Charles, MO

Great Father and Daughter team.! Latest equipment for doing the job right. I will give them a A+++ for the work they have done for agency and personal use on carpet cleaning.

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Clarksville, MO

Hire them! They did great work, very professional! They did the little "extras" things that you didn't expect as part of the job. Great pride in their work, totally attended to helping and satisfying their customer.


Wentzville, MO

I had PuroClean come out and clean carpets in my home. They did a fantastic job! It was extremely helpful that they moved the furniture for me and an even better surprise it was moved back when I got home! They have great customer service, I definitely recommend them and will use them in the future if needed.

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Dardenne Prairie, MO

I called PuroClean (Kevin) from Denver (vacationing) and told him a water line had broken in my home. Kevin met with my brother-in-law at 5 pm that same day. After reviewing the damage, he returned later that same evening to start the clean-up process. Very impressed with his commitment and professionalism--would highly recommend to anyone in need of his services.

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Clarksville, MO

We were told upfront exactly what service would be provided. We were kept informed daily on progress. The work done was outstanding and met all of our expectations. The people were highly professional.


Clarksville, Missouri

Jessica and Kevin have been nothing short of amazing today. I messaged Jessica at 730 last night and they were at my house by 10 am this morning and have worked steadily the whole time. Thanks so much for everything so far! #clarksvillefloodof2019

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