Cannabis Cleaning & Odor Removal

The State of Missouri recently reported that Missourians are spending $4M/ day on marijuana.

The most common form of marijuana consumption is through smoking. This leads to residues and odors being left behind in the property. The residue left behind can be compared to the nicotine and tar residue of tobacco. The biggest difference is cannabis particles being smaller in size compared to tobacco, and are more likely to infiltrate smaller crevices.

Cannabis and hemp residue leave behind a resin on surfaces which can be difficult to remove, and hazardous. These residues leave behind a measurable amount of THC and CBD leaving harmful resin where future occupants may be exposed. These residues need to be properly, and safely cleaned using proper PPE (Personal Protective Equipment), and techniques. Masking the odor with various scents, or paint will NOT remove the residue left behind, which could lead to future exposure to occupants. Furniture, flooring, walls, counters, textiles, and soft goods may be affected by the residues.

There is no single solution to the removal of cannabis odor, or its contaminants from a property, and not all cases will be the same. Most properties require a combination of cleaning and deodorizing applications to be effective. A proper assessment is the key to beginning the selection of techniques used for cleaning and deodorizing. For a proper assessment of the property/properties affected by cannabis smoke and residue, please contact PuroClean of Wentzville, and our experts will gladly assist and answer all questions.

Last edited on 17th of July 2023