PuroClean Franchises Combine to Save Church

In The Community
Pair of PuroClean vehicles outside church in Sullivan, MO

Recently on a Wednesday evening, we received a call for help from an adjacent PuroClean franchise. They had a large water loss at a local church. Could we send equipment and people to assist?

We arrived Thursday morning with our crew and a two vehicles full of equipment and tools.

Some of the PuroClean vehicles parked on site

The church was large, almost 7000 square feet of floor space, and 8000 square feet of ceiling and the water damage extensive. We put our gloves on and went to work. After initial demolition and equipment were set, things were stable.

Dozens of church pews lined with drying equipment

Friday morning we returned to assist as needed with the installation of a massive 15,000 CFM dehumidifier and 480 Volt generator.

Industrial grade generator and dehumidifier arriving in church lot
Large tubes for dehumidifing running from dehumidifier to the door of the church

Saturday we returned to assist with detailed measurements of the affected area. Drying progress is going great. The peak ceiling height is 36’ so a hydraulic boom lift was required to check the ceiling for moisture levels.

Measuring the moisture content of the high ceiling on a boom lift. Don’t look down!

Drying and Measurements continued through the weekend. On Monday, we declared the property dry. Next steps were cleaning of carpet, upholstery and other affected areas.

We are thankful for the opportunity to help another PuroClean franchise with a large loss. This franchise has helped us with several large losses and storm surges. This level of support between our franchises means we can move quickly and handle very large losses or storm surges. Commercial or Residential, water, fire, mold or biohazard, PuroClean is the partner you want to work with when loss hits your property.

Kevin J. Brown
Owner – PuroClean of Wentzville

Last edited on 8th of November 2021