How to Identify Water-Damaged Drywall

Water Restoration

Signs of Drywall Water Damage

There are three major signs of drywall water damage to look for. The first sign is an obvious discolored water stain on the wall. 

Second, take a good look around the wall for any traces of mold. Bathrooms, kitchens, attics, and basements are all damp places where mold tends to grow. Inspect any wallpaper that may appear unusual. 

A final sign of water damage may be apparent on the flooring. Many times, moisture seeps from the subsoil below. Therefore, any cracks or holes in the floor should be checked.

Things to Know Before Addressing Water-Damaged Drywall

If wet drywall is caused by overhead flooding, the ceiling may collapse. Thus, when dealing with drywall ceiling water damage, your personal safety may be at risk. In this case, have your property’s structure assessed by a professional restoration company, like PuroClean VT.

Ruined kitchen by collapsed ceiling. Severe water damage.
A collapsed roof from water damage.

In addition, if the drywall water damage was caused by sewage backup, immediately consult certified professionals for repairs. This kind of job involves safety protocols and biohazard cleanup services that are often beyond the capacity of typical homeowners.

How to Repair Water-Damaged Drywall
  A portion of the drywall has been cut out to be replaced.

For Professional Drywall Water Damage Repair, Call PuroCleanVT!

As you’ve read, the procedures of how to repair water-damaged drywall are complicated and time-consuming. Everything needs to be done in a timely manner using the right techniques and tools. 

Don’t risk further damage by taking on the task of drywall water damage repair yourself. For professional drywall water damage restoration and reconstruction, call PuroClean VT. We use professional equipment, such as heavy-duty air movers, commercial dehumidifiers, moisture meters, and high-volume water extractors to quickly and efficiently dry and repair your drywall and the surrounding damp areas.

Last edited on 5th of April 2023