PuroClean Joins Basket Brigade to Deliver Turkeys on Thanksgiving

In The Community

The values we celebrate on Thanksgiving are those that we at PuroClean feel should be put into practice all the time. We have so much to be thankful for and we have been given the good fortune to share our blessings with those who need them the most. So, our team eagerly joined the Basket Brigade of Suburban Chicago to achieve their mission of “providing complete Thanksgiving dinners to local area families-in-need, while, at the same time, delivering a message of hope, knowing that their community cares about them.”

Our team and their families all volunteered to assist in delivering turkeys so that 15,000 people could enjoy a Thanksgiving with both full hearts and stomachs.

Our team enjoyed the opportunity to connect with members of the community. One person in particular who we got to know is Destiny. Destiny has graciously allowed us to share her story. She, like so many of us, has experienced a difficult time during this pandemic. Destiny works as a frontline healthcare worker, and unfortunately, she injured her back in July and has not been able to work her regular job since then. Her hours have been reduced significantly. She is limited financially due to her injury, and she was hoping that she would have a lovely holiday with her family.  

It’s heartbreaking to see a healthcare worker, a hero of this pandemic, going through tough times. We told her how grateful we are for the work she has done and reminded her that our community is stronger for having her. Destiny’s story reminds us to not only appreciate what we have but also appreciate each other. She was incredibly thankful for the turkey and other foodstuffs we delivered but felt even more touched that we took the time to get to know her and what she is going through.

The Basket Brigade of Suburban Chicago Helps Feed Thousands of People For the Holidays Every Year

The event was very fulfilling, and we had fun delivering turkeys and wishing families a Happy Thanksgiving! Families with hearts full of gratitude made us feel so blessed and happy that we could help provide for families in need. If you can, in the spirit of the holiday, please visit the Basket Brigade website to learn more about what they do and how to volunteer. And if you require property damage restoration services during the holiday or any other time of year, call us at (630) 477-9120.

Last edited on 7th of December 2021