Biohazard Clean UpPublished July 26, 2021

Performing a Biohazard Cleanup for a Client on Behalf His Grandmother

We recently performed a biohazard cleanup on a home in the middle of Zephyrhills. Our client was acting on behalf of his elderly grandmother who lives alone in the house, while he lives in New York. He was concerned that there was no one around to check in on his grandma and asked us to help clean up the home. We understand the situation and were happy to lend a hand to them.

Proudly Bringing Empathy and Professionalism to the Restoration

It should never be ignored just how important empathy is to being successful in the restoration industry. Behind every property that we work on, there are real people with stories and lives. In almost every instance, dealing with a property disaster is a burden and a departure from everyday life. It is in these difficult moments our team shines the most.

You might be asking yourself, “Why is this a biohazard cleanup?”. The answer to that is twofold. We treat home cleanings similar to the way we treat hoarding cleanups, which are as if they do have hazardous materials involved because there is the potential for that to be the case. So, while this is not the same as a crime scene, we do use similar precautions.

Secondly, the walls were wet and needed to be disinfected and dried. The homeowner lives alone, and her living condition was deteriorating due to her lack of accessible assistance. Our technicians had to cut open the walls to dry and sanitize them. This process was challenging because the house had electrical issues, and our equipment had limited power sources. We contacted an electrician, an AC company, and a reconstruction company to help mitigate this issue.

Once the walls were cleaned and repaired, we put the finishing touches on the cleanup by hiring their neighbor to mow the lawn. Before the client left to return to New York, he said he would pay us to routinely come around and check in on his grandmother and make sure her living condition doesn’t deteriorate again. Our project manager, Gino, refused the payment for that and promised that we would because it is simply the right thing to do.

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The causes of biohazard cleanups can range from crime scenes, hoarding, bodily injuries, and beyond. It is important to have a professional cleanup service that understands how to properly handle restorations. PuroClean proudly serves the Zephyrhills community in this role. Call us at (813) 528-4060.

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