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PuroClean of Zephyrhills Called to Sanitize Human Waste

Biohazard Clean Up

In the restoration business, we see all sorts of different disasters and messes in homes, including, occasionally, the need to sanitize human waste. It is essential that we never lose perspective that every client and every home has their own story, and this disaster they are facing can be a personal trial for them. They trust us when they are in a vulnerable position, which we do not take lightly. Our empathy drives us in our efforts to help them return to a sense of normalcy in their lives.

Call the Pros to Prioritize, Deodorize, and Sanitize Human Waste

We recently were called into a house for biohazard cleanup after an unfortunate accident that resulted in human feces being spread across the bathroom. The homeowner’s sister, who lives out of town, called us on their behalf to clean up the situation and remove the odor from the house. On top of the technicality of the biohazard task, we first and foremost understood it would be a priority to preserve the client’s dignity.

Our team was able to clean up, disinfect, and remove all of the feces from the toilet. Then, we needed to remove and dispose of the carpet in the hall as it could not be saved. After cleaning up all the contaminants from the bathroom, we cleaned the tile and grout and wiped down every solid surface in the house from ceiling to floor.

In order to effectively remove the odor from the air, we use specialized products and EPA-approved chemicals that are powerful deodorants, which is ideal for situations like this. After all the cleaning, we fogged the whole house with antimicrobial treatment and an odor-killing chemical.

After leaving our equipment run for a few days, the odor was gone entirely from the home. We set up equipment on a Tuesday evening, went back on Wednesday morning, and finished all of the cleanings, and the odor was entirely gone by Friday when we picked up all of the equipment. The homeowner’s sister was very thankful we could go in and get the job done so quickly.

PuroClean of Zephyrhills Is Certified and Ready to Perform Biohazard Cleanup Services In Your Property

PuroClean restoration experts are educated, licensed, and certified to safely clean up biohazard situations while following all relevant legislation and requirements. Some events may be sensitive, such as when we are called to sanitize human waste, or clean a crime scene, and we approach them with empathy and care. We provide a sense of peace to those affected by any loss, whether it’s in a home or commercial property. If you need these services, call us at (813) 528-4060.

Last edited on 16th of October 2023