Candle fires are dangerous.

Flicker to Flame: Candle Fire Damages Family Home

Fire Restoration

Many of us love the glow of candles in our homes, but they pose a significant fire hazard. A candle fire can happen at any time and spark objects such as curtains, decorations, and furniture. That’s why a lit candle’s location is extremely important and can make all the difference in preventing a fire.

The likeliest cause of a candle fire is leaving a burning candle unattended, especially overnight. Ensure your candles are extinguished before bedtime, leaving home, or any time you plan to be away. Candle safety is crucial!

Candle Fire Chaos

A fiery fate recently happened to an Allen family, who called us about a property disaster emergency. Unbeknownst to them, a candle fire had broken out in their home’s bedroom, leaving them with significant fire damage and a charred mess throughout the rest of their residence.

The bedroom suffered the brunt of the damage, leaving behind ruined furniture and soot damage.

Our IICRC-certified technicians hit the ground running, evaluating the full extent of the damage in the home. Thankfully, we identified that only the bedroom would need significant repairs, while the rest of the house would be fine with a simple cleaning.

We determined that our initial priority was to remove all the destroyed contents within the bedroom and clean what we could save. Our crew transported any remaining belongings with the utmost care to our facility, where our contents cleaning experts deodorized, itemized, and temporarily stored them until we remediated the home. Next, we tore out the damaged portions of the structure and built temporary protections using boards and roof tarping.

We removed much of the damaged building materials and built temporary protective barriers with tarping and boards.

Then, we cleaned the smoke and soot damage throughout the home using state-of-the-art equipment and deodorizing products, such as special air filtration devices that use charcoal and high-efficiency particulate air (HEPA) filters. Together, the two removed any lingering airborne particles and odors to improve the home’s air quality.

Finally, with the home cleaned out of smoke damage and odors, the damaged building materials removed, and their belongings safely returned, the house was ready for the reconstruction phase. We appreciate all your hard work, team!

Suffering From Fire Damage? Let PuroClean Property Restoration Experts Assist!

When fire damage strikes, don’t stress about the aftermath. Let the compassionate PuroClean Property Restoration Experts team help you every step of the way! Our experienced technicians handle all aspects of fire damage, including smoke residue and soot damage, in Allen and surrounding areas. We work quickly and efficiently to remediate damage and help you recover. Please call us at (972) 892-0000 for 24/7 support.

Last edited on 5th of January 2024