Hidden mold struck this kitchen.

Kitchen Nightmare: Hidden Mold Surprises Allen Homeowner

Mold Restoration

Have you checked your home for hidden mold? Mold can often hide in the unlikeliest places, sometimes where you least expect it! It can grow underneath floorboards, behind dishwashers, and within the walls of your home. If there’s moisture, the potential for mold growth is there.

The only warning you’ll often get is an unusual smell and worsening health issues such as a stuffy nose, headaches, and coughing. If you notice something amiss in your home, contact a professional to delve further and begin the removal process. After all, your peace of mind is worth every cent!

Tracking Down Hidden Mold

We recently answered a call from an Allen homeowner who discovered traces of mold in their home. When our IICRC-certified technicians arrived, we used advanced infrared cameras and moisture meters to assess thoroughly. What we found was more than anyone expected. There was significant hidden mold throughout the kitchen.

Everything seemed fine, but hidden mold lurked beneath.

Our team found mold behind the dishwasher, under the wood floorboards, and below sections of marble tile. Due to the extensive mold proliferation, we took action right away. Before we began, we established a containment area around the kitchen. Next, we removed much of the contaminated materials, including most of the flooring.

We found mold behind the dishwasher (L). Our skilled technicians set up a containment area (C). Our equipment dried the home (R).

Then, we used state-of-the-art air movers and dehumidifiers to eliminate the excess moisture. After we determined the affected areas were dried thoroughly, our technicians applied an anti-microbial solution across all exposed surfaces that prevented future mold growth.

At the time of this blog’s publication, our team is working hard to put the finishing touches on the home. As always, we’re grateful for our technicians’ tremendous efforts to restore our client’s home safely and promptly.

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Last edited on 27th of December 2023