The water damage called for a partial reconstruction.

Hidden Water Damage Calls for Partial Reconstruction of an Allen, TX Home

Water Restoration

PuroClean Property Restoration Experts proudly offer a range of restoration services for your residential and commercial needs.

Our featured services are smoke and fire damage restoration, mold removal, and water damage restoration. Typically, our clients request our services immediately after discovering damage to their home or business. However, a recent restoration was unlike anything we had encountered before.

The Beginning of the Process

Our client had traveled overseas and asked a neighbor to periodically check in on his Allen, Texas, home while he was away. During a visit to the house, the neighbor noticed that the entire ground floor had flooded. Due to flight restrictions, the homeowner and his family couldn’t return for a few months, so we communicated via WhatsApp with messages and video calls.

Initially, the cause of the water damage was unknown, so when we arrived, we immediately began the mold remediation process to eliminate the mold that had started to grow in areas.

The first step in our process saw us packing out the first floor and bringing the homeowner’s personal belongings back to our facility for inventorying and cleaning. We video-called the homeowner to show him the severity of the damage.

Time for the Reconstruction

After our team removed the personal belongings, we used our certified PuroClean technology to extract the water and moisture. We also removed the wood flooring.

The loss required us to flood cut various home areas and remove sections of the kitchen and bathroom vanities. A flood cut is when a portion of drywall is removed due to water damage.

Upon a closer examination, we discovered a broken refrigerator filter had caused the flood.

When we completed the water damage restoration, we started the reconstruction work. As we began rebuilding, we relied on WhatsApp to present options for new countertops, flooring, and paint colors for the walls to the homeowner. Additionally, the homeowner had requested to redesign certain aspects of the kitchen, which we were happy to oblige.

A few weeks before we finished our work, the homeowner and his family returned from abroad. It was a pleasure to meet in person after weeks of communicating solely over the phone. He was delighted with his reconstructed home. We’re very proud of our dedicated PuroClean team for their exceptional work.

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Last edited on 10th of August 2023